[Sponsored / Trazy.com] Trip to Nami Island [Day 2]

Monday, 22 January 2018

The second day of the trip! We woke up and headed over to the ski resort. We were given another half-day pass to continue snowboarding but we were sore and tired from the previous day that we just took the time to rest and have lunch before heading over to Nami Island! I was really excited for Nami Island because it's my first time going during the winter. When the entire island is white, it's an extremely beautiful place to take photos.

Again, many thanks to Trazy.com that I'm able to be here, with all these great services. Got back on the car and was fetched to Nami Island. Got our tickets and boarded the ferry. Was really happy that there weren't many people. Went here before with my parents in Autumn and it was packed to the brim. This time, there weren't a lot of people and it was really nice to just walk around and enjoy the surroundings.

Spent the time walking around and taking photos. It was pretty much just that for the entire 2 hours, thereafter conceding to the cold and seeking shelter in a cafe while we waited for the bus to head back to Seoul. I guess I'll let the photos do the talking! 

And with that, it concluded the 2D1N trip to Elysian Ski Resort & Nami Island. It was a great experience, and a really nice chance to have some fun during the holidays before I head back to the heat in Singapore for the Lunar New Year break. Once again, big thanks to Trazy for sponsoring me for this trip. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!!

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