[Sponsored / Trazy.com] Trip to Elysian Ski Resort [Day 1]

Monday, 22 January 2018

During the winter break, I was invited by Trazy.com to do two different things that is particularly famous in S. Korea during these cold times: Visiting a ski resort, and also the renowned Nami Island. Honestly speaking, if you're spending all those winter days at home, you're not doing winter right. I've never tried any type of winter sports until I came to Korea, and from the first year onwards, I've fallen in love with snowboarding and have done it a couple of times every year. 

I was thrilled to have been invited by Trazy.com to go on this trip. They're a website that provides tours in South Korea as well as Thailand for a certain price. Honestly speaking, if you're a foreigner who can't speak Korean that well and wish to go on tours outside of Seoul, this is your best bet. On many occasions, it's even cheaper than buying your own tickets and going down. I've actually used Trazy before for a trip to Jinhae to see cherry blossoms back in 2016.

Well, on to the trip! Headed to the pick-up spot in Hongik University Station (Line 2) Exit 8 at the designated time of 7am. A little bit of nodding off and chatting and before we knew it, we arrived at the ski clothing rental shop. Went in, picked what we wanted, got changed and headed back into the bus.

They had a lot of different designs and varieties available, and even goggles and helmets for rent. After which, we arrived at the ski resort. Elysian Ski Resort was pretty large, with beginner, easy, medium and hard. The ski lift pass was 10,000W and it was so much cheaper than other places I've had been to. Considering the fact that clothes and equipment rental wouldn't be too expensive with 3rd party rentals.

The slopes were great. The snow was extremely fluffy and I didn't feel that much pain from falling down. On the top of the medium slope there was this restaurant which served Korean/Chinese food and they had a fireplace in the middle. I wasn't able to take a photo because it was cold and my phone died D:

But nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire afternoon snowboarding. Definitely gonna be considering this to be one of the locations that I come to again next year. After all the boarding, we got changed and headed to the our lodging. I was really interested to know what kind of lodging we'd get. The only information provided on the product page only mentioned that we would be staying at a pension near the ski resort. Someone met us at the resort and picked us up, bringing us to a mart to get some supplies.

Now to one of the biggest surprises and how it really touched my heart. We found out that it was a family that was running this entire pension. The father was the driver of the car, and the son received us at the entrance. He brought us to our room and went through all the formalities. In addition, we got a BBQ dinner (40,000KRW) of grilled pork belly! (삼겹살) The name of the pension is Yeowoogneul (여우그늘).

The room was clean and so was the toilet. (Ok if you know me, having a clean toilet is really important to me hahahah). We were told to come down in an hour for dinner as they prepared it for us. I was curious as to how we were going to have a BBQ dinner. As per Korean places where I've visited, it was always a grill where they set up and we would have to cook it ourselves.

We headed downstairs an hour later and lo, and behold, dinner was being grilled and prepared for us. It felt like some Korean-style candlelight dinner with some amazing and succulent grilled pork belly. Dinner was delicious and they even made the effort to ask us questions about ourselves while grilling. (Even got asked whether we were married lol). 


I had an extremely fun day and I really enjoyed myself. I usually thought that many tour agencies (sort of) would have contracts with many resorts and large companies, who are usually into making money. I guess all companies do that but I'm very surprised by how Trazy was able to make connections with local businesses in the area, and the fact that this place was a family-run pension, where they were extremely kind and nice to us. I can't say much for the other packages they have, but at least for this one that I came for, it's been a great experience.

If you're interested in skiing/snowboarding (where you can get lessons as well), with a nice pension in the middle of nature, this is definitely something you can look into. It's not really that expensive as well. 

This is the link to the package: Elysian Ski Resort & Nami Island

Here's the link to the 2nd day in Nami Island

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