Moalboal/Kawasan Falls, Cebu, Philippines [Day 6-7]

Monday, 27 November 2017

For the last two days, I was in Moalboal. Due to the lack of time, I wasn't able to head even lower to Oslob to swim with the whale sharks. Would have loved that too. I wasn't able to check out the Moalboal beach either, but since I heard that it looked pretty much the same as the beaches in Malapascua Island and Bantayan Island, I chose to forgo it and head to Kawasan Falls. I stayed in a really pretty camping style hostel called Archery-Asia Camping & Nipa Huts and I would love to give a shoutout to the place. The German owner is nothing but friendly and accommodating. The place was serene and you really feel like one with nature when you sleep. 

Definitely would recommend going there if you'd like a change of scenery and living conditions. I welcomed the change since I had been staying in relatively nice and comfortable places with air conditioning. The place here didn't require it, I guess probably it's because it wasn't an urban jungle, there was a lot of natural air and it was cooling even though we were deep into the woods. Just look at how pretty the place was in the morning!

Called in a trike (tricycle) that would bring us to Kawasan Falls and back. (The driver waited at the entrance for us to play and come back to send us back to the hostel in time for check-out). Upon arrival, it was pretty early but there were already many people gathering and walking towards the falls. I heard it gets pretty packed in the afternoon, especially if it's during the weekends or school holidays. In an effort to get the best photos and have a swim in an empty pool, I hurried in. Everything I saw was like a painting. I'll let the photos tell you more. 

It's quite a walk, roughly around 15-20 minutes in. Fortunately, since it's pretty much a tourist hot spot, and add in the fact that locals frequent this place, the pathways were pretty obvious and not difficult to walk through, although there were some parts which were slippery and falling may mean death so do be careful if you're ever heading there. As I headed nearer and nearer to Kawasan Falls, the waters started to look clearer and bluer, the air was fresher and the sights were just more beautiful.

So in total, Kawasan Falls has three sectors. The first sector is the one where all the families go and the children swim in the blue lagoons, then they have picnics under the shades. It's a great place for a whole family day and all that. The second area requires another 15 minute walk or so, and the way there is a little more dangerous, but still made out since people do go there. 

The second area has a little less people, and a rock where you can swing off (tied to a tree) into the lagoon which is apparently pretty deep in the middle without rocks. It was really fun and I enjoyed myself. There was also a part where you can jump off a cliff into the blue lagoon as well. The third area however, requires you to sign up for a canyoneering program, where a  professional guide brings you there with proper safety gear to do cliff jumps that are relatively high. It takes roughly an entire day and it cost quite a bit so I did not go for it but chose to check out the place myself. All in all it was a great experience. 

Oh yea, not to mention I did the waterfall rafting as well, where you get on rafts which they pull through the waterfall, essentially giving you a waterfall massage. It was really amazing and refreshing as the cold water hit your back. Usually it's a group activity however I did it alone so they placed me together with a group of Filipino ladies who were fine with me joining them. They were really friendly and included me while we were playing. Great fun!!

It was finally time to say goodbye to this wonderful place. Packed up, headed out, got back on the trike. Headed back to the hostel, checked-out and headed to the airport back to South Korea. All in all, Cebu was a great place for exploration and culture. The places were beautiful and nature seems to be well preserved and protected in order to maintain its beauty and magnificence. Till the next holiday! 

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