Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines [Day 1-2]

Monday, 13 November 2017

Much can be said about the Philippines, but one of the places that I've been which has lots of untouched nature, beautiful sunsets and crystal clear waters is Cebu. Of course, if you're looking for a good time with parties, drinks and commercialisation with great beaches, Boracay's the place to go. However, if you're a little more into exploring, getting around on your own and discovering a little more to the culture, head to Cebu. The first area I headed to was Malapascua Island.

Getting there was quite a hassle. First up, from Cebu Airport, you need to take a cab to the city, and thereafter, you have to head to the North Bus Terminal and get on the bus that brings you all the way to Maya Port, where you can take the public boat. There's a little ticket booth where you'll sign your name as a foreign tourist, and thereafter you have to wait for more people to buy their tickets to get on a public boat. There's a lot of different things that depend on whether you get on a public boat so you can check out the website below for more information. 

More information here:

Malapascua Island is beautiful. Crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and great tours that bring you around to other islands nearby. Of course, you would probably end up paying a lot if you did many different things. I had wanted to do snorkelling therefore I was on a tour that brought us to a few locations around the island where it was fun to snorkel. We saw a little reef, another location with a lot of fish, and finally the last location was a shipwreck. Pretty amazing!

The sunsets were beautiful, the nights were clear and the stars were aplenty. I enjoyed the food, the nature, the waters, the people and definitely one of the places that would be great to retire at, if getting to the place wasn't that difficult nor expensive to do. But nevertheless, an enjoyable start to an interesting trip! Stick around for more on Bantayan Island next week! 

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