Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines [Day 3-5]

Monday, 20 November 2017

The next stop was Bantayan Island. Now this place is also an island off Cebu which you have to take a bus from the North Bus Terminal to, that goes to Hagnaya Port and thereafter to Bantayan Island via a ferry. You can read more from the link that I pasted below, or you can just do a search on Google since there're so many websites out there that give directions. Of course, you can always choose to travel anywhere you want via private taxi which is gonna cost a lot more, but if you're a regular traveller like me, you'd go the cheaper method!

Upon arrival to the port, we got tickets. In most parts of the Philippines, you have to pay for a lot of different things, such as environmental fees, port fees, ticket fees etc. Don't be alarmed because that's a norm everywhere. Even at certain airports, you have to pay a terminal fee, so always be sure to check before travelling to ensure you're prepared. 

Took a huge ferry, arrived there and may I say the entire place is just magnificent. The waters are clear, the skies are blue, the sun is baking and the atmosphere is relaxing. This place had one of the most serene landscapes I've ever seen. It was almost like an infinity pool on the scale of the beach. It looked like a perfect place to retire, with sand, sea and cold drinks. I'll let the photos convince you.

Even the resorts that were along the beaches looked amazing. You can always choose to stay at a cheaper hostel or one of the beachside hotels that don't have the amazing beaches, and then pay the entrance fee at those said hotels and use their beach and facilities. It hardly costs more than $5 USD per entry and you get to stay there the whole day. 

Other than that, Bantayan Island does not just have beautiful beaches. You can rent a motorcycle there (you don't need a licence) that you can ride into the city. The city is known for the chicken and rice and the St Peter and Paul Church that's supposedly really really old. It makes for great photos so I decided to make a trip down to the city and to other parts of the island as well. 

The entire area in the city is definitely worth checking out too, because other than being really busy, they do have some great food nearby with beautiful structures. Thereafter, got back on the bike and headed to the top part of the island, to a place called Kota Park. 

Kota Park was known for having an old castle-like structure, a beautiful beach that resembled an infinity pool and a really old bridge. As a photography enthusiast, I couldn't resist the lure of the photograph of an ancient relic. The entire place was beautiful. Headed back as the sun started to set for fear of riding in the dark. 

Got back on the ferry on the 5th day, heading back to the main Cebu island where I would head down to Moalboal and check out the famous Kawasan Falls, the most beautiful waterfall in Cebu that boasted blue lagoons, canyoneering and cold waters that would take away the summer heat. (Although it's always summer there)

Till the next post!

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  1. Cool! Great experience... Don't forget these images and picutres... Cebu City