KSAS (Korean Scholarship Association in Singapore)

Monday, 23 October 2017

I applied for the Korean Scholarship Association in Singapore's Scholarship, which is meant for Korean students studying in Singapore, or Singaporean students studying in South Korea. Every year, they pick 2 recipients from both sides and they have a ceremony here in Singapore. This year, I was shortlisted as one of the candidates and was awarded a scholarship (for good grades and awards I guess). I had actually been admitted in the hospital for a sinus infection during this time and my left eye was swollen beyond recognition hence the sunglasses. I had to apologize for wearing the sunglasses throughout the ceremony and even giving a speech in them. 

But nevertheless, I am very thankful for opportunities such as these that provide me with more financial aid to help me be much more than just academics and educational lifestyle. It's been a huge blessing studying in Korea, having so many different opportunities available that help me discover a little more about myself and having the chance to make my parents proud by showing them that I can study hard and work hard to have some achievements in life, even if it means starting out in the work force a little later than many of my other friends (or at least, people my age).

I was able to meet many of the top Korean CEOs and businessmen here in Singapore and even shook hands with the Korean Ambassador in Singapore. It was a good chance for me to meet some of the people who are working hard to bring Singapore and Korea closer together and also a great chance for me to honour my parents and make them proud. I am grateful! (Apologies for all the portrait photos..)


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