Ipselenti 2017

Monday, 2 October 2017

So a week after Yonsei University's Akaraka (School festival concert), is Ipselenti, Korea University's. Went with a bunch of friends for it and it was so fun! So what happens is that before the K-Pop stars start arriving around 5pm-ish, there are school cheers. Those are the most fun because everyone has their arms around each others' shoulders and we're just swaying and doing the actions that come with the song. It's so much fun and a lot of shouting and singing. In all honesty, Korea University's songs are way better than Yonsei's and I enjoy it a lot more, though I love my school more, of course.

There's a rivalry between these two schools so they're always poking fun at each other, and it's funny. I wore blue to this event even though their school colour is red to show my loyalty!!! I had a lot of fun singing with friends and thereafter heading out for some food and drinks. Spent the entire day there, at least 8 hours in Korea University's school campus singing my heart out.

The K-Pop then started and people such as Wheesung and Twice came, not too sure who the rest were though my friends who were into K-Pop really enjoyed the performances. I was just waiting for the school cheers to start again after the K-Pop stars leave. Talk about going to Korea as a foreigner for the "wrong" reasons hahaha. 

Everything ended around 10pm-ish and we headed out for some chicken and beer, and of course, the only way to end a festival concert night is to drink till morning and head home for some well deserved rest. 

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