Akaraka 2017

Monday, 25 September 2017

It was my first ever time attending Akaraka (Yonsei University's Campus Concert), even though I'm currently a third year. I guess during the first two years I was either occupied with other activities, or couldn't get the tickets. Every year, Yonsei University (Akaraka) and Korea University (Ipselenti), have their own concerts during the school festival week and they're the largest in the entire country. Other Universities have their concerts as well but those are usually free and people would have to go for the school festivals to see them. However, Yonsei and Korea have them on separate days where it's specifically just made for the concert.

These 2 concerts require tickets, and since Yonsei's has limited seating in the amphitheatre, we have to bid for our tickets and some times you get it, sometimes you don't. I managed to snag one this year and went with Dasun. Some people that turned up were Zion-T, Psy, IU, Black Pink, Lena Park (박정현), but the main reason that I go isn't really for the K-Pop stars, but for the school cheers. During the school cheers, everyone dances and sings along to them and it has an extreme feeling of camaraderie and bonding. I don't really know how to explain but it would probably be like when Singaporeans were doing the Kallang Wave together when the soccer team was winning or something. All in all, a great experience but otherwise, I still feel that Ipselenti is better D:

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