Zipwire in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Monday, 7 August 2017

Headed over to Jeongseon, a county in the province of Gangwon-do, South Korea. for a short day trip getaway to try out their famous Zipline. Or better known to the western world as a flying fox. Jeongseon has many other attractions such as their beautiful nature and the railbike (which is actually offered in many other parts of South Korea as well due to many abandoned rail tracks). Although ziplines and flying foxes are offered in many parts of South Korea (and many more up and coming), they're all usually located on beaches. The thing that made the one spectacular in Jeongseon, was the view, as shown in the image above. 

It cost roughly around 40,000 won per person (expensive but worth it just once I feel). It's better to reserve before going. Although you probably wouldn't be able to reserve if you do not know Korean or don't have a Korean number. They have these rides every 30 minutes and they only do it once or twice every half an hour. If you end up heading there with a long line, then you'll probably have to wait for the next batch which may be long in peak seasons. There's also not much else to do there except the Sky Walk (which I'll cover in a bit) and the mountain area behind (which is beautiful too). 

Us after we came down

So, right after your ride down, you're probably wondering how you get back up right? There's a shuttle bus available for you that suits the timings of the ziplines so you get a ride back up to the top. Subsequently, you can have a person that did not take the ride (considering you drove there), to drive pick you up at the end location. If you paid for the zipline, you get to go to the Sky Walk for free!

The Sky Walk is a little area that protrudes off the cliff where the floor is made of glass. Yeah, it means you get to see every little bit of the ground and what separates you and falling to your death is a layer of glass (which I would assume to be industrial grade). The place was really nice and it looked exquisite. They provide sock-like wraps that you would put around your shoes to protect the glass (or it felt like I was helping them clean the glass). The view was spectacular and it was just a very interesting plot of land formation where a moat circled that you wouldn't otherwise find that easily elsewhere. 

Continued to take a walk around the place while looking around at nature before we decided to start the drive back to Seoul since it was getting dark. 

Stopped by the downtown area of Pyeongchang for a quick dinner before continuing back to Seoul. It was an extremely long drive there, and long drive back. If you're thinking of heading to Jeongseon for a short trip, do take note that it takes roughly 3 hours there and another 3 hours back so plan your trips accordingly. The drive there was incredibly smooth and there were no traffic jams even though we went there on a Sunday. Of course, when you're back in Seoul area it would definitely get stuck a little since it's, well, Seoul.

Byeongbangchi Sky Walk
(I apologize that they do not have it in English)

Take an express bus from Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal to Jeongseon Terminal, and thereafter a taxi ride to the Sky Walk. (Which is why I suggest driving there instead). From the Sky Walk, you have to walk (or drive) another short path upwards to arrive at the zipline ticketing area. They have food and drinks there as well so you don't have to worry much!

Have fun!

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