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Monday, 31 July 2017

Hello eveyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted, since April it seems. Anyway, I'm finally back, and it's been an interesting semester and start of the summer holidays. But do stay tuned, I have posts lined up every week from next Monday onwards! ^^

Anyhow, it has been a pretty eventful holiday for me. I worked hard for the semester from April onwards, that was when my mid terms started, and when it was over I took a trip to Cebu, Philippines, which I will post about in time to come, and thereafter, the rest of the semester was just working on my projects, studying hard and finishing my semester well. I ended up with a GPA of 4.13/4.3, which was 3 A0s and 3 A+s, hopefully allowing me to get the semester scholarship again. 

After my finals, I travelled to Boracay in the Philippines (yes, again) for an amazing trip where I met so many people and had so much fun. Again, I'll be posting about it so do stay tuned. 

Thereafter, I headed back to Singapore to receive a scholarship (Korean Scholarship Association in Singapore) which is also one of the posts lined up. The sad thing was that when I got back to Singapore, I was already feeling a little under the weather, probably from all the fun I had in Boracay. I ended up getting sick, a sinus infection that badly affected me and gave me a flu, cough and a really bad migraine headache. So much so that I had to admit myself into the hospital.

Thinking that I had full insurance, or at least insurance that covered much, I went to a private hospital. In Singapore, if you were to go to a public hospital with anything less than a sickness or injury that could mean immediate death, it would take you ages to get a bed and immediate treatment because there's just too many people admitted into the wards. 

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the big fat bill I was stuck with at the end of the 7 day stay. It was a really hefty sum and this is a plea to all my friends reading, please get good hospitalization insurance, especially while you're young, so that the premiums are not that high, because for some reason one day where you actually have to be admitted in the hospital, your future you will thank you. I would say it might've been a blessing in disguise, or it could have been a wake up call for me, but nevertheless it was an eye-opening experience and it made me a little more sensible in terms of money.

My parents were extremely supportive and caring during this time, always looking after me, visiting me, buying me food and things like that. I felt really guilty for getting stuck with such a huge bill (believe me, it was huge for a 7 night stay, no surgery, 2 minor procedures and multiple antibiotics through IV drips) and not being able to spend that much time with them. They're the best parents anyone could ask for, and I'm grateful to have been blessed with them in my life.

Have been back in Korea, and currently working on a few projects such as the introduction video for this year's YKRF Leadership Forum in China, and also some other programs that I'm hoping to be a part of.

I hope that things get better throughout the rest of the year, for me and for you, and do stay tuned for more posts that are coming!

Oh yes, and finally, Happy Birthday to my dearest Mum! Wishing you health, beauty and an undying fervor for learning no matter the age. Love you!

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