Solo Trip in Tokyo [Day 3] (Odaiba)

Monday, 6 March 2017

Odaiba, another location in Japan that's known for its beautiful landscape, seeing that it was an artificial area built on reclaimed land. It's a man-made island very well known for its shopping and entertainment district as well. It's also a place where Lapras and other rare pokemon are known to spawn pretty frequently. This place is know to many tourists who come here for the famous themed indoor parks such as Aquacity and the beach. It didn't feel at all like Tokyo to me when I was here. You take the Rinkai line and get off at Tokyo Teleport Station (what a cute name, right?) 

Since it was really early in the morning, I decided to take a nice stroll along the beach, snapping photos and catching pokemon. I'd actually missed the sunset but it was a nice day where the weather was not too hot, the sky was cloudy and there was the summer breeze. Odaiba was pretty interesting with a great view of the famous Rainbow Bridge, a statue of liberty (miniature) and the famous Fuji TV building that had a metal sphere in the middle of it. 

There were people just chilling by the beach, some fishing and couples just walking hand in hand. There were many people with their phones out (like me) catching Pokemon and just strolling around. My flight was in the late afternoon but that meant I had to leave roughly around 2pm since it took more than 2 hours to get to Narita Airport. Headed into Joypolis (by SEGA) to take a look around before saying bye to Yu Shan. 

There was a really quaint alleyway that sold many traditional and olden day toys which you don't see anymore. They even had an arcade with really old games like space invaders. Not to mention pinball machines as well. It was a pretty cool place. Definitely would have one more here if I had the time. However, I couldn't miss my plane and neither did I have more Japanese yen on me to wander around spending money. 

Headed back to the main area of Joypolis. This place is actually something like an indoor theme park with a cyborg-type virtual reality? I guess you go in and there are certain rides and shows that will be inside for customers. It doesn't cost a lot and apparently many people come for this daily. Took a few paparazzi shots from afar, said good bye and headed to the train station to catch the high speed rail to Narita Airport. 

It was pretty interesting because even though we all bought our own separate tickets back to Korea from Japan, we all ended up taking the same flight at the same time (probably because we booked the cheapest day/time available) and therefore when I was heading back to Narita, I met them on the escalators up and we all headed to the airport together where we grabbed some food. Arrived back at Incheon Airport in the evening and then took the train back together. That concluded my little trip to Japan, inclusive of the wonderful forum that I attended. Definitely some memories that I wouldn't be forgetting. Till next time~

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