Wow Korea 2016 4th Trip [Suwon]

Monday, 9 January 2017

We headed to Suwon after Yangpyeong and the first place we headed was for dinner! As you know, many different parts of Korea are known for different food and this particular part of Suwon is known for roast chicken! There's even an entire street that sold that. So we headed to the most famous shop in the Roast Chicken Street and ate there. It really had one of the best roast chicken that I've ever had. 

The chicken skin was crisp and the meat was succulent and juicy. After a sumptuous dinner, we headed over to the Gwanggyo Lake Park in Suwon. Apparently it's supposed to look like the Clarke Quay of Singapore. Well, I can guess that it resembles it a little, just a lot less bright and a waaaay lot less noise. The place was quiet and serene with a lot of lights on the opposite sight making it a great place for couples to take walks. 

The bridges were lighted up and changes at intervals to many different colors. It's definitely a great place to take a long walk after a great dinner. We then headed to the Ibis Ambassador Hotel where we were to stay the night. 

Had a really early morning since we were to go to another location for our breakfast. We had Kamjatang (감자탕) which stands for Potato Soup but the main ingredient is pork or beef ribs, even if there were potatoes. It's usually a soup meant for mornings after a huge night of drinking. It's one of the soups that Koreans usually take to cure a hangover. After a great breakfast, we headed to the gem of Suwon: the Hwaseong Fortress. It's definitely one of the places that is talked a lot about, especially about Suwon. 

 The autumn couple

We started the entire wall from the park, and it's a wall that circles a part of Suwon, presumably used in the past during the war as a means of defence. The walls had holes that aimed downwards where archers were able to shoot their arrows easily toward enemies and enemies would have a have time directly their weaponry toward soldiers within the walls. The wall stretches out really far and although it was long, it was an enjoyable long walk, especially after a heavy breakfast. I guess it's one of the things that Koreans love to do, eat and take long walks, enjoying the scenery, breeze and nature. 

Definitely a really long walk that took more than 2 hours. We were famished after that so we headed for lunch at a nice bulgogi place which served great side dishes as well. Had a great meal and then headed back to the Fortress where we were to have an archery activity! 

There was actually more activities that we were supposed to do but because of the weather conditions they were cancelled. I was a little disappointed since I had wanted to ride the Flying Suwon, which is a hot air balloon ride which gives a spectacular bird's eye view of Suwon city. But even as we were doing archery, it had started to pour so I guess it was for the best. Here's a final shot to end off the short post of Suwon of all of us doing archery! Till next time~

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