Prepping for Winter

Monday, 19 December 2016

Hey guys I'm back! So just some information for people living in Korea.. If you're sick and tired of living in dormitories because of the rules, then you'd have probably moved out to get your own place. In order to not spend a bomb on gas and electricity during the winter because of the floor heating system (unlike having it on 24/7 in the dormitories), here are some ways you can weather-proof your house for the winter so that the cold air stays out. 

First up, buy these... These are heating mats that cost around 15,000W and more depending on the quality, but a regular one would do the trick. It does not use a lot of electricity and it really keeps you warm in bed. It goes up to level 8 and usually I sleep with a level 2-3 and it works just fine. When you get home, turn on the floor heater for an hour to get your room warm and then take a shower, after that turn off the heater and then turn this bed heater on. Get under the covers and you'll be just fine. Here's how to get the most out of it.

Step 1: Lay the heater
(You need the electric part to face a wall plug)

Step 2: Place the sleeping layer
(Soft and silky for a good night's rest)

Step 3: Place the rest of your blankets/pillows

Step 4: Tadah! There's your comfy bed for the winter. 

Next up, another thing you need to take note is that the windows in your room are not totally weather proof. Windows are some of the places where the cold enters in really fast. As such, you need to make sure your windows are weather proof. Now, this is a trick I learned online that helps to keep the cold out, and the heat in your room to stay in. The simple product is just BUBBLE WRAP and FOAM STRIPS. 

You can get these from any Daiso near you and it's cheap. 

Step 1: Clean your window sills.
(Let's face it, we don't really clean these areas...)

Step 2: Cut these foam strips and place them under the window sills
(These block the wind from blowing through under the window slits)

Just a simple tip, don't save on them, put them on all 4 sides of your window for maximum protection.

Next up, you need to weather proof your window panes.

Step 1: Sprinkle some water on the window
(Yes, literally sprinkle water, but not too much)

Step 2: Stick the bubble side ONTO the window pane 
(The water makes it stick into place)

Step 3: Tadahhhh you have your weather proofed home! Enjoy your warm winter.

Many a times, if you have enough money to keep your heater on, the floor will be warm but you realize that the air in your room is cold. That's because of the wind that seeps through your windows. Doing this helps to keep the air in your room warm from all the floor heating, and keeps the cold air from coming in too much. I hope this cheap tip helps you with your lives in cold, cold Korea!

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