It's another year... Goodbye 2016

Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 has been a pretty awesome year for me. Starting from the end of last year's semester, finally coming to Sinchon was quite a great step for me. I've been a city boy since forever, and living in other areas gave me a good perspective from a less populated city area, however I still realized that impatience for long waiting times, elongated transport durations and deserted surroundings weren't some of the things I can tolerate. Anyway, the first semester of 2016 was pretty darn amazing. My grades are slowing slipping lower and lower, and I find that I'm reaching a point where I do not really worry that much anymore as long as I have food on the table. Buying things are slowly becoming a luxury and I find that there are many people living without savings out there.

Took part in many different scholarships, one of them being the Daewoong Scholarship, and then the Lee & Won Foundation Scholarship. I joined many different programs as well such as the 2016 Wow Korea SupportersIncheon Supporters and I was also a Traditional Market Reporter. To be honest, these were more than enough things for me to enjoy this year. I got a little too greedy and joined many programs, thinking that I wouldn't join any more, but in the end.... I guess I did.

I made so many new friends and got to know so many people through programs and classes in programs. 2016 was definitely one of my best years yet, and I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to be living it out here in Korea. Of course, there are still many things that I wish to do in the coming years that I have remaining here in Korea, but one step at a time (considering activities cost money) and slowly I'll be able to fulfil all the things that I had wanted to do before I leave this country.

To be completely honest, I don't even know if I'm leaving Korea after I'm done. I don't even know what I want to do when I graduate. Do I want to continue living a student life? Of course I would. If I were to be able to get a scholarship to continue my studies I definitely would. One of my dreams would be becoming a professor. That would equate to another 6 years of education, research and writing papers. How do people know what they want to do? How do people know that it's time to get married? How would people even know whether the decisions they make are right?

I don't think anyone knows it... and they take it one step at a time. I sometimes wonder if it's my issue, that I'm unable to make decisions unless I'm sure it would work, and when it does not end off with the results I'd wanted, I would get annoyed and try to fix the situation. But 2016 has been a year of self-discovery, and I learned a lot about myself, and the lengths I would go to achieve certain things.

The video above was a compilation of the highlights of this year, though I was not able to put in everything that I mentioned in this post since I did not have videos of them. I wanted to put in the still shots that I had but it would take an extremely long time so I opted to just leave links within this post so that you can read them if you were interested. Managed to win a first place with a grand prize of 500,000KRW in a competition under the scholarship programme's year end video competition.

With all that being said, thank you 2016 for a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store. 

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