3D Printing

Friday, 23 December 2016

So over the course of last semester I tried 3D Printing for the first time! So it's funny, but the Yonsei business school actually has a 3D printing garage on the 1st floor (far right when you enter). You need to apply for scheduled classes and learn how to do it before you can actually start 3D printing by yourself. The lab assistants are really helpful in case you don't know what you're doing and they're very willing to help.

We started off with the lesson (which is conducted in Korean therefore you need to have a certain level of understanding). They use a certain program (can't remember the name of it for the life of me). Anyway, learned how to find certain things that we wanted to print and then check it out in the program. I chose to print this ring that consists of 3 different rings that are within each other. The way this gyroscopic ring works is that it's not a flat out ring, but they're wider in the middle, and therefore it's how they can turn within each other but they cannot be detached from each other. 

After selecting my project and editing the rate of production and all, we started putting it into work!

It was pretty interesting watching it work and although it took longer than an hour it was interesting to just sit there and watch how the 3D printer makes an object that is sturdy and concrete, with just layers over layers. This is the final product and I was really happy with it. Definitely gonna keep going back to print, especially since it's free for business students! Really love it. Anyway if you're interested in watching how it works I've compiled a really short video below. Enjoy!

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