Wow Korea 2016 2nd Trip [Yeongju]

Monday, 14 November 2016

The first place we headed to in Yeongju was Buseoksa, a temple that's stowed pretty deep in. I think we took a 20 minute walk uphill, though the slope wasn't that steep. It took quite a while to reach the temple as the road was rocky and it was a little difficult walking up. Albeit tiring, it was quite an amazing walk up and there were apple orchids along the way and the air is really fresh.

345 Buseoksa-ro, Buseok-myeon, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The place was quite a work of art. It was well preserved and places where it seemed like it would get worn out easily were restricted from public access. The structures looked really well kept and nature just made the place even more beautiful. The weather was amazing and it was not too hot to walk around while admiring the architecture. 

We reached the peak and that was where the main bulk of people were. There was a huge Buddha statue in the temple and people were going inside to pray. Over on the side, there was a huge wall where people were stacking stones. Now, stacking stones in Korea is pretty common, where they usually stack the stone while making a wish, and if it stays up the wish will come true.

However! The interesting thing here was that, right next to that wall, was another one where there were coins on it. It seemed like there were enough coins to make at least 20,000won if you collected them all. Apparently you do the same thing, where you make a wish, then place a coin on the wall, and if it stays your wish would come true. 

Did the usual pleasantries of taking multiple group shots and letting our managers wonder when we'll ever leave and then we proceeded to head back down to the bus where we would move on to our next destination: The Hanok.

We arrived at Seonbicheon Village, in Yeongju, where we were to stay in a Hanok for the night. We dropped off our bags and went for the next activity: Making Injeolmi Rice Cakes. Injeolmi is a pretty famous as a topping for most ice desserts and rice cakes as it has a flavor since it's made from beans. We got to make our own rice cakes (or rather got to hit the rice cake three times each) and then got to eat them as well. It was pretty interesting to see them taking rice (you can actually see the rice) and then as it gets hammered over and over it slowly turns into a thick paste-like sticky goop. 

Seonbichon Village
2796 Sobaek-ro, Sunheung-myeon, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

After that, we headed back into our rooms to unpack and wash up before heading out for dinner. So apparently, this village also has a food street with restaurants and even a convenience store, all in one place. We took a short walk out to grab some dinner, and we had bulgogi! 

Called it a night and rested early since we were to be up in the wee hours the next day for a Korean traditional wedding ceremony! It was pretty awesome to watch one up close that's just performed strictly for us only as I've seen one before but from afar. This time, it was done up close and personal for us only with some of our friends being part of the ceremony. 

Here come the bride and groom (and 4 bridesmaids)

The ceremony was extremely long, starting off with them bowing to each other, then having alcohol and then giving each other alcohol. Apparently in the past it was done this way with a huge table in between so that they do not see each other till they are wedded. Then after that, the groom usually piggybacks the bride around. (So the crowd requested that it happen as well hahaha)

Went outside for better photos and then continued to take photos and walk around till we had to board the bus to move on to the next area: Mungyeong! We visted another KBS Drama Studio so stay tuned for the next post about Mungyeong. 

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