Wow Korea 2016 2nd Trip [Mungyeong]

Friday, 18 November 2016

The very first thing we did when we arrived in Mungyeong was to HAVE LUNCH!! That's the most exciting part of the day for me, any day! I heard that we were going to have one of the best stone grill meat in Mungyeong I was so elated. As Mungyeong isn't a place where meat restaurants are particularly popular, you hardly find them around, and this place is one of the shops where the people of Mungyeong frequent when they want some meat!

Indeed it was good and we were allowed extra portions so we asked for more since it really wasn't enough. The thing about having meat is that, even though you'll be satisfied by the meat, t wouldn't actually be totally filling. But it was an amazing lunch and I was elated. After lunch, of course, it was exercise time. We headed down to Gurang-ri Railbike Station where we were to do railbiking! Railbiking, in essence is a type of 4-seater bike that you pedal on train tracks that are now defunct. So they make use of these tracks and turn it into an outdoor activity for families.

Gurang-ri Railbike Station
20 Gurang-ri Station, Gurang-ro, Maseong-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
25,000W per person, (22,500W if in group)

It isn't really expensive, around 25,000W per person and you get to see a lot of nice scenery around you, much like the ones you'd see while in a train, just that it's open air and it looks nearer. Many families come for a weekend and then have their kids with them. You can actually see a dad pedaling his entire family of wife and 3 kids. Poor dad.

Of all the railbikes that I've ever ridden, this is the first time I've seen this where it rotates so that it changes direction. Usually the railbikes go from one end to the other and then you take a real train back, but I guess the tracks here are really no longer having trains so after they turn you, you cycle all the way back. 

The final location after this was the Mungyeong Saejae Mountain Pass. This place is extremely LARGE and it's said that you need more than a day to finish walking the entire park. Another KBS Drama Studio is somewhere in the heart of it all and that's where we went. Took a walk roughly 20 minutes all the way to the entrance from the bus parking lot. Apparently it's a great place for couples to take walks at night too!

Mungyeong Saejae
Saejae-ro, Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

We had an extremely caring tour guide who was so passionate in her work and was much like a mother to us as she was really excited for us to take photos with all the famous structures and signboards. It was a really long walk all the way to the drama studio so we took the park shuttle bus that brought us all the way to the top.

Arrived at the KBS Drama Studio where we were to go have a look inside and then finish up the last part of our skit drama (which you watched in the previous post) Yup, the last part was filmed here! It was really nice and it really looked like some of the scenes taken right out of Korean dramas. There's even a replica of the Gwanghwamun and the Gyeongbokgung right here. Although it was a replica, it just felt so real and one might even wonder why there are two.

Our motherly tour guide brought us into the tea house for a little tea ceremony before they closed and was explaining to the people hosting the ceremony that we were foreign students here to experience a little bit of Korean culture and that we were going to promote it to all our friends. They got so excited and happy and were really warm and friendly that it erased all bad memories of Koreans from my mind hahaha.

We entered Gwanghwamun (that's the great gate in front of Gyeongbok palace) and then we went all the way in into the King's chambers. There, they had a photo service that let you wear King's robes (in all different sizes) and take a photo while sitting in the throne. (All makeshift of course) but it was really cute, seeing many different kings in all different ages and sizes waiting for their photo.

That concluded my entire trip in the Gyeongsangbuk-do region, covering Andong, Yeongju and Mungyeong. I hope the information provided helps you if you're thinking about traveling there, and if not, hope you enjoyed the post!!

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