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Monday, 7 November 2016

Took a trip to Incheon, S. Korea over a weekend to visit a few places, namely Songdo, Eulwangri and Muido. Honestly speaking, although I've been to Songdo many times, I've never even set foot nor heard of Eulwangri nor Muido. There's actually many islands that surround Incheon that actually have people living there or fascinating things to see and experience. Therefore, we did that with Eulwangri and Muido.

Well, the first stop was Songdo Central Park. One of the places where I've been to many times. There's nothing new, but nevertheless a gorgeous park. Today the weather was extremely cool and it was windy yet warm at the same time. Quite the perfect weather to be out! We went there as a collaboration trip with Incheon Supporters and Chinese Power Bloggers so it was another reminder to me of how bad my mandarin was. 

Songdo Central Park
Visitor Center, 196 Technopark-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon City
Take the Incheon Subway Line 1 to Central Park Station

We actually took the Susang Taxi, or with the literal translation "On-water Taxi", which is basically a river tour cruise in the middle of Songdo Central Park, which houses a large lake which you can do kayaking or canoeing, which I did before and you can get more information from this post right here: Incheon City Bus Tour.

After touring the place a little bit more and taking photos, we headed off for lunch at this place called Chaesundang. It's actually quite a well known brand restaurant that serves Korean Shabu Shabu beef. They're known for serving wholesome and natural products to promote better health. You can look at their website for more information about the type of products they serve and what they're trying to be.

2nd Floor, 205 Sangga-dong, 28 Global Campus Prugio, 28 Songdo Munhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon City
13,000~20,000 per pax
Located near Central Park, 15min on foot

Food was amazing, considering the fact that it was a buffet as well. Not to mention it was a beef shabu shabu which meant good soup, lots of vegetables (that I did not eat) and beef! There were a wide selection of food as well that were on free-flow. You can check out the video above (if you already hadn't) for a concise summary of all that I did on this trip. 

Next up, we headed back to Songdo for the Global Market. It's a flea market that the Incheon Tourism Organization is trying to start up probably once or twice a month, to encourage more visitors to Incheon (and also to show off the wonderful park) on top of having more activities such as interactive booths of cultural activities (face painting, mask painting, cloth dying) and flea market segments. It was pretty interesting walking around and there were many things that would have been of good purchase if I had brought along cash with me..

Thereafter, we got back on the bus and headed over to NC Square, or better known as Canal Walk. It's called Canal Walk because of the fact the entire place is built over a "canal" that seems to have been man-made. The entire place is BEAUTIFUL. It's great for dates and it's definitely worth a visit. I mentioned it in detail in the post over here Incheon City Bus Tour. Went to a cafe, had some drinks and rested while we waited for the sun to set and for dinner time to come.

Thereafter, we got back on the bus and headed to this place called Eulwangri, where it was home to a small beach, many seafood restaurants along the side, and an amazing sunset. We got there a little too early so we spent the time walking around the beach, sitting down and enjoying the amazing sunset. Not to mention the weather was crisp and the smell of the sea was just glorious. 

Eulwangri Beach
16-15 Yongyuseo-ro 302gil, Jung-gu, Incheon City

Sat in one of the restaurants that served Grilled Shellfish (조개구이) and even though I sometimes do not really like shellfish in general mainly because they tasted too fishy for my liking if not washed properly, but these were so fresh that you hardly tasted that. It was a little cruel for me to be watching the abalone squirm while being cooked but it was quite an interesting sight, especially if you didn't think of it that way. 

Had an amazing night of food and then we headed to the pier where we caught a ferry over to Muido, just a short 5 minutes away. The fact that cars and boats were allowed on the ferry meant that transport over is convenient and fast. On top of that, it was an inexpensive trip elsewhere that didn't involve using a passport. Got back on the bus where we headed to Jamjindo, and then onto the ferry which brought us to Muido!

Checked into the hotel, went to bad and woke up the next morning to the first activity of the day: HIKING! We were going to Somuido, which probably means small Muido, since it technically was a smaller island that was right next to Muido (and indeed, smaller). It was connected by a long bridge that was really beautiful. The sky looked gloomy and dark and we all feared the worst: rain. However it was just slight drizzling so it wasn't too bad. The scenery was really beautiful and it just seemed like this was a great place to get in touch with nature. 

After we came down from one side of the mountain, we reached this beach where it just looked amazing. The rocks had a really bright orange color, and you can see which parts were submerged in water when the tides were up due to the difference in color. The sand was white and the rest were covered in rocks. 

Checking out the shallow bed while the tides were down was simply breathtaking. You can see many mini ecosystems in spots where water was retained. You see lots of crabs, hermits, fishes and other types of sea creatures just crawling away. It was quite interesting to see all these little critters running/swimming around while us huge giants were cowering over them.

The entire island looked like a great place to build a bonfire or campfire and then just chill the night away. Of course, it would have to be warmer and it would definitely make for some great memories.

After a loooooooooong walk, up to the top and back down, along the beach and then up to the top of the other side and back down again, we finally ended the hike along Somuido. Next up we headed to a restaurant near the beach where they served crab!! This was one of the closest Korean dishes that I've ever tried that tasted so similar to Singapore's chilli crab. The soup was really nice, even though the crabs were small. The meat was great, the food was great. Breakfast was a little on the tasteless side so I was really excited when lunch was this delicious. 

We headed to the beach for the last bit of our trip, and probably the most exciting part: Ziplining and ATV biking! It was extremely exhilarating to drive on such a high speed along the beach, wind in my "hair" and it was just something that I've never ever done before. Thereafter ziplining! Well, I guess since I was actually doing the activities I wasn't able to get much photos from it. But if you watch the video on the very top of the entire post you can see what I experienced!

Till next time!

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