Productions & Operations Management

Monday, 3 October 2016

Took a really interesting class this semester called Productions & Operations Management by Professor Choi Sun Mee. It wasn't interesting because of the subject, but because of the Professor. If I'm not wrong she was born in Korea but studied for many years in America, worked there as well and finally came back to Yonsei to teach as a professor together with her husband. 

She spoke well and was really fast as well. Considering the fact that sometimes I was at a loss at what she just said, I couldn't begin to understand how tough it was for the Korean students in the class. However, there were many foreign students as well and that was what made it all the more interesting. We were encouraged to ask questions in class, and following which, she would answer them and have a discussion. Prof Choi felt that other than the coursework, our understanding and curiosity answered would be better for the development of the class than the actual process of listening to the coursework and not properly comprehending everything.

On top of that, we have this portal website called YSCEC which we use to check our courses and the projects, assignments and homework that we have, as well as a means of submitting work. She got her TA to create discussion boards and other interesting forum boards that allowed us (the students) to interact and even have our own outings. She mentioned that University isn't all about coming into class, listening to the professor and leaving, sometimes speaking to the people around us and also to those who we do assignments with, but it was for networking and making friends, to enjoy our university life. 

As such, I was able to make friends, get to know them and I definitely had a lot of fun in the class. Granted, I might not receive an A+ for the class at the end, but it was still an enriching experience for me, and from the very beginning, my motivation for coming to Korea was to enjoy myself to the fullest, rather than just focusing on the books and getting top grades, so I guess that's in line with what I wanted.

On top of that, we even had a game in class where we had to work in teams to find out the bullwhip effect in a supply chain. You know how sometimes reading books just can't cut it. The game helped us enjoy ourselves and make friends, and also to better understand the entire process, especially when we can see it right in front of our very eyes. It's funny how something can seem so simple and dumb, but when put into reality, is actually a huge problem that isn't easily solved.

Not to mention that sometimes studying alone can be cumbersome and boring, but studying with friends actually made it more light and tolerable. Asking each other questions that we didn't understand and having a discussion definitely helped me remember things better, and also saved me from certain questions which I would have otherwise not known how to solve in the finals. Cheers to the fun times we've had this semester, and how everything turned out great at the end.

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