Friday, 9 September 2016

So I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival that's open annually in April in Jinhae, South Korea. Apparently Jinhae started growing cherry blossom trees everywhere in order to attract tourism from locals and foreigners during springtime in order to boost the economy in that region. The major made a good move doing this so that the entire city looked really beautiful during the springtime.. albeit not having any nice flowers during the rest of the seasons. There's nothing much to say about this, except do enjoy the photos.

This was also like an ultimate expectations vs reality kind of moment because the photos that we saw were so beautiful and it did not have that many people around, something like this:

But when we were there we were just surrounded by so many people and it was so difficult to get a photo without being being in the background or being photobombed. It was really squeezy and it took extremely long to get from one place to another. We gave up going to the railway tracks where the train was because of this very reason. 

Took a chance to try this cherry blossom mochi that turned out to be really amazing. It was like those sweet Japanese mochi that had red bean inside and a really soft texture. The trick was that you had to eat it together with the cherry blossom flower which they (I think) had soaked in some mixture because it was salty. Or can someone confirm whether cherry blossom flowers actually were salty? Anyway it was a really interesting mix because when you ate it together the sweet and salty taste mixed really well.

Ended the night by heading to Busan where we were to go for the Holi Hai Festival the very next day. Met up with Than (a friend from WowKorea) for coffee after a nice Mexican dinner along the streets near Haeundae. Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the cherry blossoms!

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