Busan International Market & Tin-can Night Market [국제시장 & 깡통시장]

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Another place that is really well known in Busan is the International Market and the Tin-can Night Market. Although many people visit for the beach, this is where most of the happenings at night are on weekends. The International Market sells more of household products, or in other words, things that have been imported and therefore the name. After a visit to the Busan Jagalchi Market, you can walk over to the International and thereafter visit the night market when it gets dark. 

부산에 가신다면 국제시장과 깐통시장에 꼭 가봐야 한다. 해운대에 갈 사람이 많을 텐데 밤에 재미있고 활발한 생활을 보기에는 바로 두 시장이다. 국제시장은 가정용품과 기념품을 파는데 깡통시장은 음식 하늘이다. 

It's roughly around 15 minutes walking distance so it wouldn't take too long and tiresome unless you go during Summer or Winter where the weather gets really extreme. Once you arrive you should already see the hustle and bustle around and many shops are already preparing for the day. Take a right turn to enter into the international market where you will see many tools, lights and basically home products on sale. Take a left to see the night market, which is actually in business but would be more packed in the night. 

부산 자갈치시장에서 걸어가면 15분정도 걸리고 지하철 타도 자갈치역에서 7번 출구 나와서 조금 가면 보인다. 도착하는지 음식의 향기에 따라가서 찾을 수 있다. 왼쪽은 깡통야시장이고 오른쪽은 국제시장이다. 

There are many little streets in between the big streets which sell different kinds of food that you can just sit down and have your meal. The funny thing is that each street sells the same kinds of food so you have to go to different streets for different food. They're all yummy though. It started to drizzle halfway so all the ahjummas (aunties) started to get up and tie up plastic sheets in order to keep their customers dry. It was an amusing sight.

시장에서 작은 길이 많다. 근데 길에 따라 다른 먹을거리가 있다. 사진찍기도 좋고 먹기도 너무 좋다. 음식들이 맛있고 저렴하다.

There were many souvenirs and accessories being sold at all the shops. There were even clothes being sold but food was the one that dominated this entire area. The whole place was huge and it took roughly around 2 hours to walk through it all. The night market was even more confusing as there were so many little streets which will stumble you if you lose your bearings. 

기념품을 파는 데가 많더라. 읏도 있고 제일 많은 건 바로 음식이다. 걸어다니다가 이미 두시간정도 걸렸다. 두 시장은 좀 크니까 햇갈릴 수도 있다. 지도 들고 다니면 좋을 거 같다. 아찍 야시장에 갈 시간이 아니라 잠깐 카페 쉬러 갔었다. 

Had a break and came back when the sun started to set for the night market experience. The entire place was so colorful with the lights, the vendors and the customers. It felt so lively and energetic, even though the sky was dark. There were so much food on sale you wouldn't even know what to eat. Went around to different areas just to try different food.

드디어 밤이 됐다. 카페에서 나갈 때 맛있는 음식 향기에 휩쌌다. 야시장은 다채롭고 화려하다. 밤이 아닌 밤에 야시장에 축제가 있는 느낌도 담고 사람들이 엄청 많았고 주중이어도. 어디든지 가도 맛있는 걸 먹을 수 있다.

There were many stores with pictures showing the different celebrities that had visited and patronized them (seemingly to get more customers that way) but nevertheless, after trying most of them they really taste almost the same. The sunset was really beautiful on the market, since the place only had low-rise buildings. The food was great, the atmosphere was great and it was really nice to walk around watching people eat. The only problem I had was that it was so damn hot (due to it being summer)

Another thing to note is that the pancake (usually filled with brown sugar) is different in many cities or regions within Korea. The one in Busan boasts of seeds and nuts that entirely change the taste. One of the most famous ones in front usually has a huge line starting from the moment they open tilll the point where they close. Be sure to try that whenever you are there! It's at the start of the night market and definitely not easy to miss with its long snaking line. 

재미있는 것이 하나 더 있는데 지역마다 따라 호떡의 종류가 다르다. 부산에서 사는 친구가 부산의 호떡이 최고라는데 내가 먹어봐야 알 거 같다. 부산의 호떡은 씨앗호떡이라는데 안에 황설탕만 있는 거말고 땅콩, 해바라기 씨도 있고 맛있었다. 

Definitely an interesting place to check out, getting to know Busan's people and culture and how hard they have to work in order to make a living, perspiring in the sun and doing manual labor. This has been something that has gone on for so long, even before Korea became a strong contending first world country. It is really interesting to see that people still hold on to their roots and hopefully it continues with people visiting and boosting the economy.

부산에 가면 꼭 가봐야 한다는 곳인데 부산은 너무 활발한 곳인줄 몰랐다. 부산 깡통시장이랑 국제시장은 그냥 밥먹으러가는 게 아니라 부산 시민의 노력과 수고를 볼 수 있다. 

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