Tuesday, 19 July 2016

We had our school festival again this year. Though it was so much hotter than it was last year. I wonder what caused the weather to be so drastic even in the same period as last year. Anyway, the festival is a yearly occurrence, during the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the semester. It's where students are doing performances, hosting booths, selling food and drinks and doing all sorts of things to raise money. 

Arranged to go to the festival together with a few foreigner friends whom I met in Taekwondo class. Sadly they were only here for the semester as they were exchange students. Being a foreigner myself it's extremely fun whenever I have a chance to get together with foreigners and get to let my hair down (figuratively speaking) instead of always thinking of what I have to say or to focus hard enough just to listen and understand.

Took a few photos of my school while we walked towards the sports field where the main bulk of the festival was being held at. Couldn't resist because it looked so beautiful with the sunset behind. The entire sports field was packed to the brim with students and it was really busy. Students sitting everywhere drinking and eating, playing Korean drinking games and laughing merrily. 

There were also themes and people dressed up in order to attract people. There was one where all the girls were dressed as nurses and attracting people to go to their tent. It's actually like a bazaar type thing I guess? Students prepare and sell food/drinks to others and prepare the places, seats, make-shift tables and other things for customers. People are usually permitted to just walk along the streets of our school and sell things to people during the festival and it's not illegal. 

It's such a Korean thing to be sitting on the floor and partaking in your meal. But I guess that's what makes it so simple. You don't need tables and chairs, you just need a mat and people can get really comfortable to eat and enjoy each other's company. On the far side there was a stage where certain classes would come up to do dance or song performances. It was really interesting and nice to just chill and enjoy the nice spring air in the evening where it wasn't too warm neither was it too cold. 

We chose one of the tents that gave us good service and also a discount coupon (yes we're sellouts). Sat down, ordered food and drinks and they had this yoghurt soju which was just soju and yakult mixed together to create a really sweet drink which you could hardly taste the alcohol. We really enjoyed it except for Erin who we found out was lactose-intolerant and couldn't have dairy D:

Was a pretty awesome night. Had more fun after the entire festival but didn't take photos at all I think. The festival wasn't that much fun since it's not really our thing to have continued sitting there in the heat and ordering overpriced food that was little in quantity as well. But nevertheless we had a lot of fun and that's all that matters eh?

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