Lee & Won Scholarship MT [Day 2]

Friday, 17 June 2016

Got up the next morning, packed upa nd got on the bus. Headed for the city of Gongju where we had breakfast in and thereafter the tour of the tombs. I've actually been here before on one of the Wow Korea trips and thus seen all the attractions the guide was introducing. So I chose to focus on my phototaking instead. Went around snapping shots of people and getting them to pose for the camera as they  along, following the guide. And again... I'll let my photos do the talking!

After the entire tour of the tombs, we headed to the Gongsanseong, the castle that is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Had a tour of the entire castle while walking along the walls. Again, another place that I have been to before, but nevertheless an interesting and fresh feeling to it, since it was still early in the day and there was not a lot of people. Went around and listened to the guide explain the different monuments and structures and had a time of phototaking at the peak. 


After the tour, we went to a nearby location for lunch, where we had spicy octopus. Fortunately, it was also served with pork belly, and therefore I was really satisfied with the lunch. Did not have much of the spicy octopus, but tried a little bit as everyone said it was really good. Endured the spiciness and washed them down with lots of water. 

After a delicious lunch, we hopped back on the bus and headed to Magoksa, another site with beautiful temples. It was a really long walk from where the bus dropped us (being unable to enter) to the temple, but there was a really magnificent stream and I had my trusty camera with me anyways.

It was a really fun time of bonding and getting to know everyone, from the people in my batch and the seniors, on top of that the assistant teachers, professors and organizers. Indeed it was a new beginning, and after a few months with them, I'd say it's one of the better programs that I've joined in Korea. I'm glad for this opportunity to have mentors and people I can look up to in life, who can give us advice and tell us things that might be helpful for our future.

I'm grateful for all the great opportunities.

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