Monday, 27 June 2016

This is a long overdue post that actually got buried under all the other posts that I have waiting. So in February 2016 I went back home again to Singapore for roughly 3 weeks? Usual stuff, meeting up with friends and spending as much time as I could with my parents. We didn't have anything special this time like going to Universal Studios last year. Much has changed within the year that I've actually missed just by being in a different country, but one thing that hasn't, is that I eat a lot when I go back.

So we had our usual steamboat time again at Soph's place (with CHEESE TOFU) and a lot more good food, no lou hei nor ben & jerry's this year though... But there were many things that were different from last year's Chinese New Year dinner, such as married couples, engaged couples, babies, older faces and different goals in life. It was nice watching everyone grow up and remember what we all were like when we all first met, and how far we've all come. I guess that's one of the main points of a reunion, right?

Say hello to Sarah! (Timo & Rena's)

Of course, I took some time to catch up with some close friends over great meals that I have missed over the past year, such as BURGERS from Fatboys. Seriously it has many great burgers, my favorite being the Elvis. If you've never tried it you need to go have it, because words do not justify how great it is. Had an amazing time catching up and finding out what's been happening over the past year... and talking about how we both have partners with the same name. It's funny how everyone is growing up and moving way past where I left them two and a half years ago.

Met up with the two ladies who I went to Korea with for the first time as well, to have my yearly dose of smelly tofu. This dish originated from China/HongKong/Taiwan, (I'm not one for getting into politics), and you can't find many places which sell this in Singapore, but this is a great place that sell smelly tofu and more, located near Paya Lebar. It was fun catching up and watching Michelle squirm away from the stench coming from the tofu (and our mouths thereafter). 

Yum yum

Met up with Jaden after that at McDonalds since he had to work late at his internship.

Visited my favorite burger shop; Hambaobao, owned by my friend Ryan Wee. Seriously this place serves the BEST pork belly burger. The skin is ohmygosh so crispy and I'm drooling as I write this...

Met up with Gnia as usual and went for a lobster roll in the afternoon, karaoke after that, and then ended off with some mexican food and margaritassssss. She took leave just to spend a day with me because other days packed. It was nice to catch up, and I'm really appreciative of friends whom, even though I don't meet for months and months on end, it would still feel as though we just met up last week or something.


And finally, the main highlight. The reason why I'll go back every year in February: Reunion dinner. I guess I can finally say I understand the meaning of reunion dinner, especially when I'm so far away. It never really held significant meaning to me since I was always at home, always near them for 22 years of my life, and finally I'm somewhere 8 hours by plane away from them, and the only means to keep us connected is social media. There was an advertisement that I saw, where this boy was studying overseas and even though he told his mum that he was unable to be back for reunion dinner, he was actually on his way back. His mum looked so heartbroken and it really hit me hard. 

And again, my dad never fails to cook what I want for reunion dinners! When I was in Singapore, it always got pretty lazy and sometimes we had our reunion dinners at restaurants so that there was no need to cook or wash up, but every year when I'm back I always say I want to eat home cooked food and he always delivers hohohoho.


As usual, we will always have complaints about the different people in our lives, and as much as I'm not perfect, neither are my parents. But at the end of the day, they're doing the best they can, as I am. That's all I can ever ask for, and I'm proud to have such caring parents, who have given me the freedom to decide what I want for my life, yet still always there for me whenever I need advice, or when I need help. 

Not to mention, I returned to Korea with a new toy..!

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