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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Who would have thought my first year of University would go by in a flash and my second year would be about to start? I've never even given much thought to it, and here I am, 2 years into my scholarship and about to start my third year in Korea and my second year in University. Time really flies when you're not really noticing. You're so engrossed in the things in your life, your activities, your studies, your work, your side projects...

Before you know it, you're at a point where everything's bigger than you, and you realize that you wondered when you'll ever become the adult you see your parents as. Then you realize that learning how to adult is just an everlasting journey. Anyway, I digress. As you may know, I spent my first year in this place called Songdo that's located in Incheon, one hour away from Seoul, and yes, near the airport, as many will tell me. 

It's a quiet place, and great for cycling. It's not a hustling and bustling city like Seoul, and the traffic is way less congested. That being said, it made transportation a hassle. But here's a few things that I may miss about Songdo, being able to cycle everywhere, and also how near classes are from my dormitory, table tennis located inside the dormitories that's in the school compound (unlike Seoul campus)... and of course, DiDi Chicken.

Everything taken here was in Summer 2015. Had a lot of friend with my buddy Asyraf.

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