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Friday, 8 January 2016

Wrote an essay about the Mind versus the Heart and entered it into a competition recently. Truth be told, it wasn't all about the competition because what I wrote really is something that I am pretty passionate about, and it's something that has been on my mind for a really long time. I've penned down my thoughts here and there, but never into a lengthy essay where I can really elaborate on how I feel and what I think. I'm really thankful for this opportunity to write and share a little something about what I believe with regards to the logical vs the emotional. Do let me know what you think!

The entire essay inside ->

Mind vs. Heart

Have you ever been in a situation where you’d rather hang out with a friend you’ve not met in a long while, rather than study for a test that you have next week? Or maybe you’d be telling yourself to take the safer way out rather than to experiment a little and have fun. We are always torn between the logical and the emotional. It is whether you choose to pick what your mind decides or what your heart tells you. This is not a well-studied subject to you, neither is it something that is totally foreign to you. You know what it generally signifies, yet you have always been told what to do.

In this modern day and age, we are all pushed towards following the social norm, or in other words, what our parents want us to do. As you can see in the many developing countries, there is a certain type and style of how kids are supposed to be growing up, what kind of positions they are supposed to be holding, and what kind of treatment is to be expected at certain ages. In the age of inventions, people were persecuted, imprisoned, and sometimes executed for parading their beliefs and mentality. However, once proof was procured and evidence was shown, people slowly turned from their ways and had no choice but to believe what they were seeing.

Every single person is every bit as complex as the one next to him, and there’s always a bit of hilarity, a tinge of awkwardness and a dash of sly and cunning in him. This is true to every being that takes time to laugh and enjoy the beauty of life, one that is bashful about talking to an attractive party of the opposite sex, who strives for a selfish desire that only his heart can justify. We are all as competent as the next to succeed and to make a change in the world. Then why is it, that even though we have free will, we are not putting in our utmost effort to exercise it?

Following your heart is following yourself and the very core of doing what you truly want is linked to free will. Essentially, the mind is where you choose to believe in something and you find the evidence to support it so that you can continue believing in it. Whereby your heart goes by what it feels to be right and your entire body just seems to be following the flow. We are surrounded by a society where people think they should always do what’s supposed to be done, rather than following what naturally comes to them as the right thing to do.

Take animals for example, a lion only kills when it needs to feed, but nothing more than that. A human being, on the other hand, takes more than what he needs, for the sake of his future, knowing that he has to secure his own lifeline, above and beyond what other people may need. There is always a feeling of inadequacy, a feeling of limitation, a craving that only being free can satisfy. Being able to study what you wish to, to work what you want, and to do what makes you genuinely feel happy is not something that can be easily obtained.

True enough, money makes the world go round, and in order to build a stable income around your life, you require a career that brings in a comfortable and sustainable amount of income, as well as the basic necessities like shelter, leisure and luxury. We need to remember that though the world is built and constructed upon rules and regulations, stability and planning ahead, the thing that makes us sparkle as an arbitrary race is the very fact that we can feel and express our feelings.

Of course, we have to maintain a balance of both logic and emotions, but let us not forget our emotions as we pursue the battle of logic on the way towards the top. Let us not forget that from the very day we stepped into this earth, our emotions ruled our body. Our heart has led us to feel a medley of emotions, to express them healthily and to remind us that to feel is to be human. The human race has spent decades upon decades numbing themselves to the emotions of this world. You see lists upon lists of articles teaching you how to guard your heart and how to think your way out of any situation possible.

At the end of the day, we have to remember that our heart brings forth our true consciousness and to be true to ourselves is to listen to what our heart tells us, and to do it. In this world where following the norm is commended and leading a fresh idea is frowned upon, let us not forget who we are and what we can do.

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