Watergun Festival!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

If you've never heard about the watergun festival held annually in Korea then it's time you should know about it and come during Summer. Held usually in the 3rd or 4th week of July, this festival is as good as its name gets. Watergun, water and a whole lot of people running around coupled with a long water slide is just what you need on a hot Summer's day. In 2015, it was held from 25th - 26th July.

Called down some friends who agreed to go together and I went down for both days. Held in Sinchon along the entire stretch of road in the middle, there was a lot of space for modern warfare. Don't you remember running around as a kid, holding those blasters that made sounds shooting each other and pretending you managed to do some serious damage? Well, it's almost the same thing. I don't really have much nice photos to show you since I couldn't bring my camera out so I had to use my phone (inside a waterproof pouch) for most photos and videos. I hope the photos do it justice.

Just arrived and you can see all the structures set in place

Giant water slide

Entire floor is wet, and it isn't raining? >:O

Entire rows of water taps where you can fill your water gun

What's water without foam?

And of course, hot ass models sporting really little clothes to entice people

Hands down the most interesting and fun festival I have ever been to yet in Korea. Looking forward to the one this year in 2016 where I can bring my GoPro to capture better footage. If you're looking for an event where you can actually grab a water gun, fill it with water and shoot any random stranger, this is it. There are even instances where people get pushed into the middle of the crowd and everyone around them starts shooting. Though be warned, it's better to go with friends because you can form a squad to take down other people.

On top of that, loud music, dancing and events held by Sprite where you can go up, do a dance and then get a prize. I managed to snag 2 official T-shirts from the event where they were throwing free T-shirts into the crowd that says 노는 물이 다르다 which translates into 'The water that you play with is different' and indeed, it is different. 

It's really fun when you have a lot of people with you who would be able to aid you whenever you make an "enemy". Funnily enough, my bald head brought on a lot of attention and many people were shooting my head :( But all in all it was an amazing experience and I had the time of my life. Here's a little video that I made with my phone (warning: bad quality):

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