Wow Korea 6th Trip [Day 2 & 3]

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The next morning, we woke up early in order to take photos at the beach! The sky was cleared, the air was cool and the people were energized. What else could we do! The beach was indeed beautiful, and the sand (stones) were all black and the waves crashed into the rocks majestically. It was an incredible morning. 

And... cue phototaking. We took a lot of photos along the way till we were told to leave and get breakfast because we had a boat to catch into another island so we couldn't be late. Like usually we were always behind schedule, but this time we had to be there by a certain time or else we would miss the ferry. 

Breakfast was yummers. We had a fish soup, and this thing that was really famous here in Geoje, called the Chungmu Kimbap, where it was just rice and seaweed (mini version!!) eaten with kimchi. It was really simple, yet really delicious. Apparently it's some traditional food from really long ago where they used to eat it like this.

After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to get our belongings and into the bus we went! 

Took a ferry all the way around a few islands while the boat captain gave introductions. I was just really excited to be able to get on the deck to take photos, look at seagulls and just breathe in the fresh ocean air. There's just something about being on boats that brings a certain clarity into thoughts and vision while you're gazing into the endless tides coming and going, coming and going.

We got off on Oedo, which is an island owned by a man, that is now handed down to his wife after his passing, and his wife turned it into a beautiful garden (a huge one) to remember him by because he used to love gardening. The place is beautiful, has a very interesting touch to it, and is extremely natural. On top of that, I saw some huge ass aloe vera plants growing and I really wanted to bring 1 leaf back. They looked like they could last at least 2 weeks of consumption.



We were given free time to walk through the entire garden (which took around an hour) so we wanted to have a good look around and take as many photos as possible. Also, the walk would bring about "healing" to your body and mind as you take time off busy schedules to enjoy nature. Again, I took a lot of photos so I'm gonna let my photos do the talking.

Took a really long time to walk through the entire garden, just appreciating nature, breathing in the fresh air and wondering where everyone else is. Before long, we reached the pier again, and when we were there taking photos, everyone just started appearing so we all gathered for more photos together!


For directions to Oedo check here:
You will need a Korean person to reserve tickets for you:

We got back onto the boat which brought us back to Geoje and we headed to this place called Windy Hill. Apparently, it was supposed to be called Windy Heights, as adapted from Withering Heights, however they probably called it wrongly so it became Windy Hill since it's really windy. It had a huge windmill in the middle of it all that made it a great place for phototaking.

We were all basically stuck in our own world of posing for photos and taking photos that we didn't really pay heed to anyone around us. I think we were making far too much noise, but because we were foreigners not many people bothered about us either. We didn't see much foreigners there, mostly locals. I guess it's because Geoje is too far for foreigners to travel, especially since it's not really travel friendly. You're gonna have to do a lot of research to be able to get there by yourself, especially if you do not know Korean. 

For directions to Windy Hill check here:

After we finished our phototaking and all, we headed for lunch before finally heading to Somaemuldo for the final destination of the day. We had more seafood for lunch, fried fish and lots of side dishes. Jack as usual, finished up all the seafood for us because we couldn't really eat much. 

We got onto the ferry once more for Somaemuldo where we did 2 hours worth of hiking up to the top of the mountain, and back down to the lighthouse island. The view was amazing and if you were to get down to the beach, you would be able to see the sunset. The two things that are famous about this place is the beautiful sunrise and sunset that you would be able to experience if you were there. But be warned, it was incredibly exhausting! Not to mention that the roads were steep and there's a risk of slipping. Going there during autumn/winter means that the days are short and it gets dark really early and really fast. Make sure you have the proper trekking gear if you are planning to go up!



The people who made it!

For directions to Somaemuldo check here:

The sunset was flawless and even though I wasn't able to see it from the beach, I'm glad I was able to see it from the top view where we could see the lighthouse island as well as the sunset. It was a sight to remember. Probably the first and the last time that I will be at Somaemuldo, but definitely not one that I would be forgetting anytime soon.

After that, we all headed back down to start up the fire for our BARBECUE! Yummy yummy meat, over hot fire, surrounded by friends, the people whom I have been traveling with for the past 7 months. It was a great time of eating, talking and just having fun. Photos ensue because we have a manager who likes to take photos and share on social media, hence the reason why he actually started this program in the first place.

After dinner, we headed down to the pier to set off fireworks and sparklers! It was a really new experience for me because we aren't allowed to set off fireworks or firecrackers in Singapore. I believe sparklers are almost about to be banned too. Anyway, it was a lot of fun because it felt as though we were shooting out sparks from wands. It was really exciting!!

We headed back to our quarters after that, all puckered out. I sat on the upper deck with J talking throughout the night while everyone was back in their rooms, talking and showering, getting ready for bed and the next day. We ended off the night and I went back into the guys' room to continue chatting and having fun, but we still decided to sleep early because it was gonna be a long day.

Our pension for the night!

The breakfast was UTTERLY DELICIOUS! I am a man of simple fare, the fried egg, potato and fishcake with rice was really well made, delicious and complemented each other well. I enjoyed my breakfast and after that I went around to take photos. Met a few people along the way so took photos with them as well.

Got back on the ferry and headed back to Geoje, and then Changwon where we had lunch of GALBI! Basically, the ribs, the meat is soft and tender and when marinated well, can be really tasty and juicy. The place we went is well known and the meat was EXCELLENT. On top of that, they had a salad bar so we let ourselves go. 


After lunch, we headed to the last destination of our trip, Sang Sang Gil! This place was made by the Korean Tourism Organization to promote more tourism to Changwon. Basically it's an entire road with foreigner names from different countries. It also has signatures and names of certain celebrities and singers. We had a lot of fun walking down the road and a few of them who actually applied for this during the time when the event was open actually have their names there! 

Directions on how to go:

We ended off the trip at the back of Sang Sang Gil, which is pretty well known as an up-and-coming arts street for people who are interesting in the arts and hipster stuff. The place is really quiet and quaint. All in all, it was an enjoyable last trip and I'm really glad to have been part of this family where I could travel, see more of Korea, and share it with all of you readers.  

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