Wow Korea 6th Trip [Day 1]

Saturday, 21 November 2015

On the 6th (and last) trip of Wow Korea, we were headed to Tongyeong, Geoje, Somaemuldo, and finally Changwon. On the first day, we took a bus for 5 whole hours (basically a sleep ride) to Tongyeong, where the first activity was LUNCH! Since it's a place near the sea, you guessed it... we had seafood. It was an enormous spread with generous amounts of seafood. 

We had a type of seafood soup, together with huge amounts of side dishes that included fish, raw fish, oyster cakes and other usual vegetable side dishes. It was simply yummers and I enjoyed the oyster cakes a lot. It's funny how most of the time I end up eating more side dishes than main dishes, but usually the main dishes are very particular in taste that is unique to a certain location, therefore sometimes it doesn't match well with my tastebuds I guess..


After lunch, we headed to the Hallyeosudo Cable Car, where we were supposed to be seeing breathtaking views from the mountaintop.. However, sometimes the weather can be a douche and ruin your plans for you. That was what happened in the beginning because the entire place was covered up with fog and we couldn't see anything in the cable car ride up, not to mention the spectacular view from above. 

It was pretty fun and it looked like some scene from Jurassic Park though.. so I guess we had that going for us.. which was nice. Hahaha, but anyway it was quite a long ride on cable car, probably the longest I have ever taken, and it was enjoyable because everything around you was fog and it was cool.

And of course, Wow Korea Supporters did what they do best: PHOTOSHOOT! It was just a series of posing and phototaking after phototaking non stop. Not even the fog or the rain can deter us. The fog added a touch of mystery and beauty to the photos actually, and it made editing so much easier lol.

Silent hill...?

On the way down though! The sky cleared up and we were able to see what we came to see. The place was beautiful, the mountains, the lakes, the sea, the forests. They all blended so well together to form this amazing landscape scenery that I would probably never find at all in Singapore. Even though we weren't able to see the eagle eye view, I'm glad we got to at least see it before actually leaving this place.


Next up, we headed to Dongpirang Village. This place had a lot of wall murals of paintings and drawings to make the place more vibrant and colorful. Of course, Wow Korea Supporters... photo taking again. It's funny that we actually take so long to get to the original area because we're all taking photos no matter where we go. 

First up! Dongpirang Village~

Well, we were basically making our way up to the top, taking photos with all the wall murals, and then back down the other side, taking photos with more wall murals, till we reached the Central Market, where we were supposed to introduce as well before heading back to the bus toward our dinner destination. So... yup I'll let my photos do the introducing!


It was raining and I was so worried about my beloved camera getting wet so I was hiding it under my jacket all the time and reluctant to take it out to take photos hahaha. Anyway, we finished walking through the village and we arrived at the Central Market. The market was pretty much a copy and paste of most markets that I've been to, fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables and other things. I guess they call it the traditional market because it does look like a traditional market.

One of the famous things here are their Honey Bread (꿀빵) and it comes in 3 different flavors: Red Bean, Citron and Sweet Potato (my mum would love the red bean one) and they sell it on boxes of 5 or 10, where you actually couldn't pick the flavors (usually 60% red bean, 20% citron and 20% sweet potato) but they allowed us to pick because we were foreigners and probably reporters too.

Definitely worth a try, these little balls taste good

So we had a bit of time before heading back, so we walked around the pier to take more photos. Another place that Tongyeong is known for, is that it was one of the places where the war against Japan happened which Admiral Yi Sun Shin won with the use of turtle ships. So we took photos with those turtle ships there as well.

Next up, we headed for dinner again and you guessed it, SEAFOOD! I have never gotten access to so much seafood in my life, much less eating without paying. It isn't just fish when it comes to seafood, but shells, crab, lobster etc. My dad would be happily eating all his crustacean shellfish here, especially since it's way cheaper in Korea than in Singapore.


After dinner, we went to Nammang Park for its renowned night view! Since the fog had cleared up for the day, and even though the sparkly stars couldn't be seen, the lights from the city down below were indeed beautiful. We took some photos here, and headed back to our bus where we traveled all the way to Geoje for our lodging that night. 


We were living in this pension type hotel that was RIGHT NEXT TO THE SEA. The beach did not have sand, but beautiful black rocks (that Sumin claimed were good massaging to the feet, but it hurt instead) and the sea was so rough and amazing to watch (from afar, that is). We all slept early that night after a little supper and chatting and all in all, a good first day!

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