Wow Korea Supporters 5th Trip [Day 3]

Friday, 9 October 2015

The next day, we woke up really early and headed to our first location of the day: Breakfast! It was the 3rd day and we were getting a little tired because of the non-stop traveling. At the same time, I didn't want it to end at all because it was really fun! I enjoyed meeting up with these people at least once a month and it really felt like some sort of a family reunion. Today, we were heading to Daegu!

Anyway, we had soup, pork and rice together with side dishes. I can never understand how Koreans can eat rice with every meal. I thought I was a rice lover back in Singapore, but I usually don't have rice for breakfast. It seems to me that the real rice lovers are the Koreans! 

The first destination after lunch was the Jung-gu Modern Cultural Street. We started off by visited a traditional medicinal museum about the past and we learned many different traditional and historical facts about the entire location. This is the place where western architecture met eastern oriental architecture. There were scholar roads intertwined together with churches and all.

We had a tour around the museum as well as the entire cultural street by an English-speaking Korean guide who was very knowledgeable on the subject. There was also a place where we could try out clothes from the past which physicians and scholars used to wear. 

After that, she brought us around the cultural street, ranging from around 1 hour to an hour and a half, walking around and explaining the history of all the different parts within the area to us. There were many intriguing and interesting facts that were unique to this place and there were actually many Americans that played a big part in bringing Korea to where it is today. Without these Americans, Korea might not have been exposed to things like hospitals and schools at such an early time.

After all that walking, we were famished but we finally arrived at Seomun Market! This is where we were to be having our lunch as well as try out different street food that this place has to offer. We were given money per team and we split up to try different food and to take photos. The entire placed looked really big but if you actually take the time to look at the map, it didn't seem so big after all. Seomun Market is particularly known as a source for textiles and sewing services, a big key ingredient in Daegu's fashion industry. 


We chose to start off with the main dish that this market promoted: Noodles! The entire place had a rot of shops and it was called "Noodle Street". We chose the one that had the most customers (typical) and sat down. We ordered our food and waited for them to come whilst engaging in conversation about the different things sold here. The place mainly had clothes and textiles among the food and it was a really strange sight to see a shop selling fish next to a shop selling textiles... wouldn't there be a smell?

Whilst waiting for our food, we met a few members from other teams who were walking around, looking for food as well. There was this pillow that I really wanted to buy, though I had no use for it, and I was contemplating on it for the entire time we were at Seomun market. Didn't manage to get a photo of it, but I promise you, it was beautiful :(

After which, we carried on walking around, searching for more food!!!

Chicken yumyum

Grilled Squid, Roasted Potatoes


Apparently, hotteok is different in each region in South Korea. If you go to different places, you have to eat the Hotteok in that area because it's fried differently, and has different fillings sometimes!

Ice Cream!

Our great time of feasting had to come to an end and we headed off to E-world, a theme park located in Daegu. It was named after E-land company, the owner of the park since 2011. The place consists of an 83-story observatory and an European style theme park. Upon arrival, we went to see the Light, Sand and Art Show where there were performances and activities of light art, sand art and bubble art.

We started off with light art where were seated in a dark room and we could draw pictures on the walls with torch lights. It was simply amazing, what they used to create those walls that they would retain light. I was not able to take photos because it was too dark, but the presenter drew out an angel in the night sky, watching over a couple sitting by a beautiful lake.. It was amazing. We were then given time to draw our own pictures with mini torch lights!

After which, we headed to another performance where we watched bubble art! Well, this wouldn't really need much introduction. It was basically playing with bubbles and blowing them everywhere!

The last section we had was sand art, where, you've probably seen in some videos, people made art with sand. The presenter taught us certain methods to move the sand such that we could create certain effects. Everyone ended up making their own kind of art and I started going around taking photos.

It was a very interesting experience as I'd never count on myself to go to these kinds of activities and all.. so I'm very thankful to Wow Korea Supporters for the opportunity to try these things out, and to find out more about the world than just what I can see through my perspective.

After the show, we headed up to the 79th story of the Tower 83 where we could see almost the entire Daegu. It also has a sky jump (bungee jump) however it was not in operation on that day. 

The view was pretty breathtaking and the sky was clear. After which, we headed back down and back on the bus. From there on, it was a 5 hour trip back to Seoul where we parted ways and I had to head back to Incheon. Overall it was a really enjoyable trip, where we met a new manager, forged stronger friendships and ultimately had a tremendous lot of fun! Of course, the main point of these trips is to always promote Korea, to make sure that people know more than just cosmetics, Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island.

Till the next trip!

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