Wow Korea 4th Trip [Day 1]

Saturday, 22 August 2015

So I went on the 4th trip of Wow Korea. The itinerary, though a 2D1N trip, was incredibly interesting and it consisted of.... RIVER RAFTING!!!! I was so so so excited and I couldn't wait to start this trip! We were to travel to a few places in Gyeonggi-do, such as Pocheon, Cheolwon, Yeoncheon and finally Paju.

The first stop we made was at Sansawon (Baesangmyeongjuga) in Pocheon which is a liquor museum operated by Baesangmyeongjuga. It has a first floor and a basement. The first floor of the museum showed different tools and records related to alcohol that were used to brew old traditional alcohol. There is also a brewing class which we took part in to make our own home-made alcohol!

The few ingredients used were water, yeast, rice, and a container. That's how easy it is to make alcohol... and of course, time! It is the fermentation of yeast and cooked rice in water over days, weeks and months. It has a certain type of sourness to it, and you had to add your own sweeteners to adjust the taste to fit your taste buds.

For our group mission, we were to make a video to promote these traditional liquor in Sansawon. I had purchased a GoPro recently and was really excited to try it out. Here's a video showing the step by step in making our very own home-brewed alcohol!

After which, we headed downstairs to the basement where we were able to sample different types of alcohol. There were many different kinds of flavors, ranging from apples, to cinnamon, and a different variety of fruits. There were even frozen fruit alcohol that felt like little vodka popsicles to beat the heat!

Headed out for a little phototaking before we had to head over to our next location: LUNCH!


The next destination in the city of Pocheon was Cheongsanbyeolmi located in Galwolri, Sinbukmyeon. We were having Korean Beef and Mushroom Shabu Shabu. Mushrooms are and have always been regarded as health food, and you can totally enjoy the flavorful tastes that have been carefully researched by the husband's study and the wife's tastes; the mushroom masters. This place operates their own mushroom farm and it is one of the well-known places to the local people as well as tourists.

The soup tasted a little too healthy for me, but the beef was tender and soft. Overall it was a good meal and the mushrooms were really crunchy and fresh. The next place we headed to was Herb Island. Herb Island is a village with many different attractions all in one. It's a place that promotes healing of the mind as you shop for different things, see the various colors around the entire place. This village also offers certain experience centers where you can actually make your own handicrafts made of western herbs and eastern flower teas, root teas and leaf teas.

We headed over to the experience center where we were split into 3 different groups to make: Herbal Hand Cream, Herbal Hand Soap and Soy Wax Candles. Our team got to make the soy wax candles, whilst the other 2 teams made hand soaps and hand creams. It was pretty interesting, getting to experience how they actually make these. Apparently the soy wax candles were the most expensive so... yay! :D

Hand Soap Team!

Hand Cream Team

Soy Wax Candles

Since we had to wait roughly 40 minutes for our products that we had made to settle and harden, we went around the entire place to take photos, experience a mini gondola ride, and of course, have some drinks to cool off in the heat. We walked around for a little bit, explored all the different areas, took some photos for our missions and group mission, and finally gave up because of the heat and settled for a cafe for some ice dessert. I'll let the rest of my photos do the talking!

At last... the final place that we have arrived in is in Cheolwon, where we would be rafting in the Hantan (한탄) River. We took a while to get ready, get dressed up, and finally we were all ready. Since I couldn't take photos, the only thing you can see from our rafting trip is the video from my GoPro! It's attached to this post, so enjoy :D

It was already dark out after the trip, so we quickly took a shower, then went back to the Pension for our BBQ dinner party with the rest. It was really fun, and the food was amazing. I ate my fill, (and probably some other people's as well) and we went back to hit the sack because we had to wake up early to go swimming in the pension's pool the next day!!

It was an extremely long and exciting day, and I finally understood why it was a 2D1N trip instead of the normal 3D2N trip, because it was physically exhausting and draining, therefore the next day we all felt pretty lifeless and weak, dragging our bodies forward toward the next few destinations haha..

Till next time~

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