Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Had some time to do some photoshoots with some friends. Mainly one of it was for a competition, and the rest were just for fun. I'm really enjoying taking photos, and hopefully, I'm slowly getting better at it too, right? Well, there's nothing much to say about photoshoots I guess.. except, let my photos do the talking!

So the ones we took here were meant to show vibrancy, the lifestyle of our school, how we were active, competent and also fun. There were more shots but I didn't want to bore you with all of them, so I picked the ones which I thought were the best instead. 

Was bored as shit after my examinations and asked my roommate (who wasn't done with his yet) if he'd like to go out for a little photoshoot with me, just to make some new display photos and cover shots for Facebook and Kakao. In the famous words of all procrastinators: "Yes" and off we went around the school around dusk. The air was cool, yet humid, and the sky was a dim lit blue as the sun slowly set. Special thanks to my roommate, Hyunjun for coming along with me so I wouldn't look too awkward taking photos alone hahaha.

The last set here was one that I promised a friend of mine, to do when we were both done with our examinations. We took a walk through the sunrise park (해돋이공원) towards Central Park (센트럴파크) where we took even more photos. I actually think the photos turned out pretty well and he seemed happy with it so hurray! Central Park is really beautiful. It's one of the places to be visiting if you ever wish to get out of hustling bustling Seoul. Special thanks to Jinseok, who was willing to sit and let his photos be taken, as I know how weird it feels to be posing for photos. Hope you liked them!

Just a little bit of fun to liven my otherwise dull life here in Songdo. 
Coupled with the fact that everyone has gone back to their homes... boooooring.

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