Musical Bibap

Thursday, 6 August 2015

So on the 1st of August, under WowKorea we had the opportunity to watch this Musical called Musical Bibap. Thereafter, we were to go to the Trickeye Museum located in Seoul, and also experience the Dynamic Maze. The day started out pretty badly.. had a bad stomachache so was stuck in the toilet for a bit, rushed for the bus and missed it by minutes.. Ended up being late due to more waiting, and finally a traffic jam. Made it around 10 minutes before the show started though!

It was an extremely interesting play. If you have the chance, and are in Seoul, please go watch it! It was really funny, and it catered not just to locals, but also foreigners. They speak mostly English, but a few Korean phrases here and there that would be funny if you understood Korean. The main content is in English, and they also mix in some Chinese and Japanese for the other foreigners in the theatre.



The story is about these 2 Chefs, the Red and Green Chef, who fight for a competition, and there are other sous chefs like, the Cute Chef, the Iron Chef, the Sexy Chef and the Rookie Chef. It is a mixture of song, story, jokes and dances. It's definitely a show for all ages and they even have crowd interaction where they would give gifts after you were made to go up. I wouldn't want to spoil the story too much in case you want to watch it. But seriously, please watch it! It's great.

After the incredible play, we walked a bit to the Trickeye Museum and Dynamic Maze which is located near Insadong (Anguk Station) for some time of phototaking and playing in the maze. We actually didn't make it into the maze because of the amount of people there (since it was a weekend) and we ended up planning to go another day because it was pretty late and we had to wait an hour if we were to go in.


 Hahaha Jack... Didn't know what he was getting himself into.

Even spiderman bows down D:



 The faster you run, the faster the music plays, and when you slow down it goes into slow-mo too! 

The entire experience was pretty fun and interesting, and it costs 12,000 for the Trick Eye Museum, and 12,000 for the Dynamic Maze, however if you get the package it's only 18,000. Though I'd recommend that you go during the weekdays if possible or else you'd get stuck in traffic and have to wait a long time before being able to get to use the maze!

All in all, a great weekend! Till next time~

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