Ulleungdo & Home [Day 3]

Friday, 10 July 2015

So on the morning of the 3rd day, I woke up at an ungodly hour of 4am... washed up and woke my roommate up. Then we went downstairs and gathered with the rest, thereafter taking a 10 minute walk towards the pier where they had a small bustling wet market where people were buying all kinds of seafood. The place was quiet, calm and there was just a hint of sanity in a world addicted to having their voices heard.

When we reached the pier, it looked as though the sun had already risen however it was still peaking. We found out that from the point that we were standing, there was hardly any sun to be seen except for the sun rays. We were deciding whether to cross the cliff where we could probably see the sunrise, but decided against it because it seemed like it would take around 20 minutes or so just to get to the edge and the sun was coming up any time soon.

At the end of the day, we weren't able to see the red round sun peaking out, so we decided to hurry towards the edge of the cliff to have a better view, so off we went. It was a really long long walk. It seems like it's really near but the cliff loops in and out a few times, with stairs up and down so it was really tiring as well. Though, we were able to get really beautiful photos along the way.

Looks like a scene out of a fiction story


Missed the sunrise by a little bit.. but we were still able to see it!

Thereafter, we took a slow walk back, appreciating the view and the ocean air. Met many strangers along the way back, and a sudden realization came to me. In places where everything is fast paced and quick, especially cities, people don't stop to think about anything but themselves, and here, in a place such as this, people smiled, said hello and good morning, and knew how to take things slow, all whilst appreciating nature.

So cover-photo material

I was able to take some spectacular environmental photos that I was pretty proud of, though of course others can do better, it felt like I hit a milestone in my life. Progressing from film photography to digital, and actually learning how to edit photos... It might even lead me to something in the future, who knows.

Headed back for a shower, thereafter breakfast and then we headed out to the bus. The first place we were to go was to take a monorail up towards a mountain, where we had to hike up some more to reach the summit, where there was an observatory deck where we could enjoy the view. And of course.... more photos :D

This is what they used to send food/stock up rather than having people carry them.

Team 2!

Team 5

After we came back down, we headed back towards the hotel... however making a longer turn upwards by foot to a museum. Can I say that the uphill slope made it so difficult to walk. Sat down after a while and started taking more photos. There was a nice temple near the museum and people took a detour to take photos and rest... but we had a lot of time before we had to depart for the pier that brings us back to land anyway.

Huge Buddha statue too

After the museum, everyone headed back to the hotel for our final meal: lunch, before we had to take the ferry and bus back to Seoul, which would total up to 7 hours worth of travel time. But before the dull locomotion, we had about an hour on our hands, so we decided to go back to where Ashraf and I saw the sunrise, and have some photos taken there.

Planning for the pose

Team 2! (Without many people)

The ladies

This was the very last photo taken on the bus, thereafter, taking the ferry and the huge bus back to Seoul, and I didn't take anymore photos after that because I was busy sleeping. Travelling takes a huge chunk of energy out of you, seriously. But all in all, I had an amazing time, I was able to make new friends, see many new things, to the point where I can say I've been to somewhere most Koreans have never been, or might not even have the chance to go to: Dokdo Islands.

Till next time!

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