Ipselenti! (입실렌티)

Monday, 6 July 2015

So.. I wasn't able to attend Yonsei's Akaraka (Yonsei University's festival concert) due to the fact that I went for Wow Korea Supporter's first trip. Well, there's another 3 years to attend it so I just figured I would go the next few years. Anyway! Even though I wasn't able to attend Akaraka, I managed to get tickets for Ipselenti. (Which is Korea University's festival concert). Every university actually has their own festivals and concerts, but usually they wouldn't be as fun as Akaraka and Ipselenti, as far as what I've heard.

A little bit o' school rivalry seen on posters as you walk through Anam into Korea University. Though, one big difference between Singapore and Korea is that their universities here in Korea are WAY larger than even the biggest one in Singapore. Seriously, I think I walked for a good 20 minutes to reach the dormitory, then another 15 minutes or so into the arena where the concert was held.

Translates to: "Sister, it wasn't fun at Akaraka, right?"

Translates to: "Except for you, all have gone before - Ipselenti"

Anam Dormitory

There were lots of food booths, and fake tattoo booths too

Look at the sea of red

When we arrived, the cheering had already began. Hoards of crimson red students and mascots were crazily singing along with the band, dancing and having the time of their lives. Yonsei's arena were mostly seats, however the one in Korea has a huge space in the middle where you can just sit down, or what the students did, was to create a ring and then put their belongings in the middle. That way they are all connected and they are singing and dancing together.

One thing that really warms my heart are the songs that are sung, and the way it brings people closer together. If you remember my post on the time we had the mass cheering (합응), it was a time where people just forgot all their troubles and just sang the day (and night) away. It really reminded me of the time in St Andrew's.. no matter who your enemies were, during those rugby matches, your only enemy was ACS(I) and you'd be arm in arm with the guy you just fought with last week, shouting cheers and screaming when your school scored. 

It was a little something like that, and the atmosphere just makes me reminiscence. Above is a little 10 second clip I took of the cheering, and it was really fun! Though, it wouldn't been better if I could've made it for my own school's festival concert, but I guess it'd have to be next year. 

First performance of the day: Orange Caramel!

Look at Nana, so pretty...

It was really hilarious because there were times where the camera went to Nana and then her legs and the crowd just went wild screaming over and over. To be fair, her legs are really slim, sexy and flawless D: But it was really funny when everyone screamed whenever the big screen showed her legs hahaha. 

Thereafter, the biggest performance: Psy.
(Of course there were more performances... but I don't remember, as usual)

Apparently, from what I've heard, before Psy became really famous as a singer, he used to do only concerts and was really good at it because he's an amazing entertainer. Now I understood why, because it really was a blast. He had a knack for keeping the audience in suspense as well as making the entire time there enjoyable.

As our (Yonsei) logo is an eagle, theirs (Korea) is a tiger.

...and ended off with some fireworks!

I hope I was able to let you have a glimpse of what life is like here as a university student.

Till next time!

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