Hongdae Performance

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Click settings to watch it in HD! (And wait till the end for the best part)

Here's a little performance in Hongdae, where my friend Kiyo, who was taking the video through his phone, got his phone taken by the performers for a video of a lifetime. Apparently they start doing things like that to generate more hype, where people actually post this "new angle of view" online and start getting more people to know about them.

It was quite a crazy performance, and the thing about different groups that make them stand out are their quirks. And the quirk of this group.... you can see for yourself in the video. My friend was stunned when his phone got taken, and I was just laughing at him by myself at the side. All in all it was a great video taken... and since you were given this kind of "special treatment" you should actually be giving them money, since street performances are counted as basking.

Have a great week ahead!

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