Wow Korea 1st Trip - Day 3

Friday, 29 May 2015

The third day, we were already in Gangreung, and we stayed over in a Hanok Village. A hanok basically means a Korean-style house, nothing like the skyscrapers you see these days in modern Seoul. They were huge short houses that had a very wide range, usually placed together to form a village of many families together. These houses, didn't have electricity and air-conditioning in the olden days obviously, but have been refurnished and renovated for the convenience of tourists and locals alike.

If you're looking to stay at somewhere more different from usual hotels or guesthouses, you might want to try a hanok stay. Though I would recommend not going during summer, because creepy crawlies, bugs and mosquitoes are rampant throughout the night. Air-conditioning might help your situation, but still.. better off without them bugs. On top of that, they're pretty cheap, going  at the rate of 5,000W per night for Adults, 3,000W per night for Youth, and 2,000W per night for Children.

The place is called: Hanok Village
Located at: 강원도 강릉시 운정동 63 운정길

Breakfast for the morning

After breakfast, we got on the bus again, this time to the most anticipated part of this trip: Rail biking!! If you have never heard of this before, it's basically a type of bicycle (2-seater or 4-seater) and you have to pedal and it moves along the rail. Some sort of a manually powered train. Of course, with modern times comes modern technology, other than pedaling, there is an automated motorized system which would help you power it without using your legs.

The ticket office

So according to the information here, you are able to take it from 2 different places, Jeongdongjin Station and Sandglass Park. There are 2 different kinds of railbikes as mentioned (2-seaters and 4-seaters) and they operate at an interval every hour. It costs 20,000W for a 2-seater and 30,000W for a 4-seater bike. We gathered there, and lined up and waited to be called upon to move out.

The entire place was really cute and it gave me a feeling of a little theme park that I loved going to as kids, where I can ride in little motorized cars, on mini sized roads and have the time of my life. This brought me a little bit back to my childhood memories. Anyway, we all got on our railbikes, buckled up and waited to head out!

It was a little tiring, pedaling... Though the ones behind have to control the motor with a switch

There were many cameras around also that takes photos of you like theme park rides, where you can buy after the ride. So be ready to pose when you see those signboards hahaha.

The sights and views were spectacular, as usual

Thereafter, a little photoshoot on the tracks..

Got back on the bus after the railbike ride, and headed to this place called the Haslla Art Museum. This museum, I'd say is a complete mix of an indoor and outdoor experience, together with a art-themed hotel and restaurant. It's a vacation stay at its finest for art lovers. 

This place is called Haslla Art World
It's located at: 강원도 강릉시 강동면 정동진리 율곡로 1441

We first got to explore the inside, which was filled with many different art pieces and artifacts that were really interesting. I could say that it isn't traditional art, rather modern ones, and combines a lot of different things in the world into something quirky. I'll let the photos do the talking.

The place was amazing, with many different themed rooms where you would go into and see things of a similar theme. It's really interesting because you would feel like you went into a different realm every time you step into another themed room. One special mention would be the wedding themed room. As per the two photos below:

After that, we headed to the restaurant, where we had a Korean styled Table d'hote (한정식) which is something like a formal style meal. The food was organic, and we were informed that there was no meat in any of the dishes served. It felt really clean, very healthy and actually really filling as well.

After lunch we were given time to roam around the place. Apart from being a museum, it had a park for people to go around, look at sculptures and artifacts that were created in the name of art. It was sort of like a healing walk? of sorts, where you'd walk around, appreciate art, and feel much better after that. Since I can't really explain art, I'll let my photos do the talking again.

After everyone made their rounds, we were to have a look at one of the most expensive suites, where art was incorporated into the room itself, costing a total of 1,300USD per night. Yes, you didn't read it wrongly. It costs that much. Apart from the spectacular view of the ocean, the artistic furniture and the numerous toilets, we were told that there were no mirrors in the hotel rooms in order to encourage guests to focus less on themselves and more on the art surrounding them. It was also rumored that Psy likes the hotel a lot and stays there frequently. Well, I'll let the photos below of the place speak more about the room.

There were like 4 toilets in this room

This is such a cute bed

Man, would I love to be taking a bath here with the view of the ocean

With that, our trip came to an end and we took a bus back to Seoul, where I had to continue the trip home towards Incheon. It was a really tiring weekend, though fulfilling and captivating. It made me see more of Korea, the side that doesn't include shopping, cosmetics and desensitized food. Though we did eat a lot, the food was more regional and had a unique spin to it.

It was a great 3 days of travelling with you guys, Wow Korea! 
Till the next trip~

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