Birthday in Korea: Year 2

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Celebrated my birthday in Korea for the second time. Skyped with my parents the night before, and then the next day headed to Yeoido where there was the cherry blossoms festival. Had a little surprise planned for me, and had a nice time catching up, taking photos and walking around. Never actually walked around Yeoido, even when I had been to Han River before.

Parents had a little celebration for me over Skype... Had a cake with candle, which they proceeded to eat after. It is a little sad, that I can't celebrate it with them in person for the next 3 years as well. But I guess I'm pretty appreciative on how social media has developed so much that things like these could be possible.

Anyhow, met at Yeoido in the afternoon, hungry and sweaty, walking around, looking at the beautiful cherry blossoms and snapping away on my camera. The place was really packed with people, and there were so many high-leveled cameras that made me want to hide mine in shame hahaha. 

Birthday gift to myself ^.^

Some performances along the way

Packed, packed, packed!

So beautiful

This guy even had a Mk3 attached to a drone

There were many booths for phototaking, caricature drawings and also food.
At a fee, of course.

I think we didn't even make it half the trail, we got hungry and tired and went to find a nice place along the Han River where we could order chicken, sit down, and eat. 

After we were done with our chicken, we started walking again towards the train station, and halfway there we had an idea to watch Fast & Furious 7, so we headed to the nearest building with a movie theater only to find out.... it was sold out, and the one with the mass bulk of seats was the premium theater, where tickets were going for $20 per person.

Decided to head to Myeong-dong for some dessert, and since Nicole and Keila wanted to get their sim cards and phones done, we decided to head to Myeong-dong. Found this nice little quaint cafe that served what looked like mountains of heavenly delights, and truth be told, it tasted amazing. They also had this chocolate pizza thing that was like melted smores on top of chocolate pizza.

Headed around Sinseol-dong as well because they had this sort of like a flea market that stretched blocks upon blocks wide. There were so many different kinds of second hand items and vintage things that my friends in Singapore would love to rummage through. It's like the Sungei Market of Singapore. 

All them SLRs

Even old Korean pornographic magazines

Look at that computer...

Headed to Anam area after that for a place that served really good rice. So there's different kinds of flavored rice, spicy, garlic, sweet etc.. and they have an unlimited serving of fishcakes which you can just keep on taking since it's right beside your table. 

Ordered the garlic one

After mixing

The spiciest one

Even had a nice lava cake for my birthday that was so delicious

All in all, it was a great birthday, not that I have high expectations, since birthdays to me are usually spent with the people that are important to me, and I've never been a fan of holding parties or going to a great expense to make it special, because it's just another day, albeit a little bit more special to me and my mother, but nevertheless, just a day. To be able to know that I am loved, thought about, and remembered means more than any presents, parties or food, no not food, things I could ever want.

Happy 24th Birthday to myself.

And of course, not forgetting these prayer warriors who sent me this on the day of my birthday during break time at 3am~

Till next time!

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