University Life: 1st Week and 합응!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

This is a way overdue post, but I would like to talk about my first week here in my university. Feeling all lost, overwhelmed and unsure where to go. On top of that, there's this cold spell that lasts around 2 weeks in January, where the wind blows ridiculously hard, and it's painfully cold. Anyhow, I got introduced to my class, had some orientations about classes, applying for modules, and the know-how of everything.

I had a hard time learning all the names of my classmates, all 68 of them. And until now, I can safely say I still only know around 40% of their names? And even sometimes when I see them and can't think straight, I am unable to match their name and face together. However, at least I'm learning and moving forward, taking it slow. Maybe, just maybe after 4 years I might know every single one of them haha.

Took a step of faith and decided to join them for lunch for the first time

With everything being novel, everything is photo-worthy.

Shabu shabu!

Cafeteria Food

Bean sprouts and pork!

With teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise

CHICKEN!!! (Again)

We went for this dessert place that's between Sinchon and Ewha, where they served
Strawberry cream cake, and Strawberry snow ice...

The cream is just magnificent. Simple delectable.

If you have the chance, please go for it. It's a small shop with limited seating, and when we were dining there, many people came and bought their cream cake home. It's just.... so soft and fluffy. D:

Look gnia... look. I'm eating your favourite :D

Yea, more food....

Chicken and games

There's this place in my school that sells pretty good Italian food. Or would I call it Western food here in Korea? They have pasta, pizza, and other kinds of food that my mother would avoid completely. It's relatively cheap too, compared to restaurants that might sell food of this quality.

During that week, we had this thing called the 합응 which stands for 합동응원전
and in English, Cheer Together.

The essence in it is where Yonsei University and Korea University, both rivals in their nature as universities, come together on this day to cheer, sing and play jokes on each other. It's really funny and interesting at the same time because in Singapore, if you were rivals it would mean fighting at all times, and even acting gentlemanly around each other was near impossible. There would be this creeping sense of hatred that was handed down from generation to generation through tradition.

Anyway, the universities take turns holding it in each school per year, and this year it was held in Yonsei! Traveled down with my classmates, and saw a massive crowd of crimson red and handsome blue. Everyone was heading into the (노천극장) outdoor theater where it's held.

Met our dear friend Farras, from Korea Univ.

It's starting!!!

The left side is a sea of blood maroon (Korea University)
And the right side, a sea of dark blue (Yonsei University)

It was simply amazing, and a lot of fun. Each school's representative band and team performed self-composed (I think) songs that would either:

1. make fun of the other school
2. elevate their own school

The songs were extremely interesting and funny. (I had a lyrics sheet, or else I would understand nothing) And the best part, is that even with the rivalry, everyone was friendly with each other. Through the whole activity, you would see Yonsei students going into the crimson crowd, and Korea students coming over, and everyone had their arms around each other, singing into the night.

It felt as though I was back in St Andrew's, cheering for a rugby match, except that this was even more intense, and it was really intriguing to me, how I could experience intense rivalry, yet with the feeling of such closeness to whom I would call my "enemies".

After which, there was this thing called the 뒷풀이 which was the "After Party" where everyone would gather with their class at a pre-designated place where they would have their meal and drinks, and sometimes games (1차) and then to another location for drinks and games (2차) and it usually goes through the night till the next morning where they would head home. 

The unique thing about this after party, was that since it was an event where Yonsei students and Korea students were together, the after party consisted of both Yonsei Business students and Korea business students, gathering, breaking bread, getting to know each other, and ultimately, having fun!

And of course, with Korean being my 3rd language, I can only crave for gatherings where we would speak English and things would be more convenient and comfortable...

And of course, CHICKEN!

Till next time~

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