Universal Studios Singapore!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mentioned to my mum regarding the new ride in Universal Studios Singapore: Transformers that people have said is pretty awesome and I have yet to try it, and she went and got tickets for all of us to go together when I returned back to Singapore. And then the day came, we woke up early, got dressed and headed down. It was a Friday and I had raved on and on about how fun the mummy ride is....

Took a train to Harbourfront, where we got on to the monorail that brought us into Sentosa. After which, went to the famous entrance where everyone, locals and foreigners alike would be snapping selfies. Why not do the same, hahaha.

It was nearing the Lunar New Year period so there were such decorations.

Same old same old, brought my parents to try every single ride, except those that really looked like they were for kids. Everything else was just for experience.

This ride is called the canopy flyer and basically you'd sit on this 4-people carrier that would bring you around Jurassic Park, so you could see everything from literally a "bird's/dinosaur's" eye view. 

Wanted to take a break for lunch so headed to the entrance again where all the restaurants were.

Caught a dance performance while walking

Went to the Chinese restaurant that they were before to have lunch.
Food was pretty overpriced and a little bland.

Caught the Water Show after that, depicting the story of Water World.
Never actually watched the movie so I have no idea.
But my parents got to reminisce a little, so maybe one day I should watch it.

Went back to Jurassic Park and saw that the water ride had a shorter queue so....

On the ride!

My phone isn't waterproof so I can't take anymore photos during the ride nor after, but I got soaked.

After which we found out that the all-famous mummy ride was CLOSED FOR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE. For one day only, and it HAD to be on the day that I was going! Seriously, talk about unfortunate decisions. Ah well, the transformer ride made up for it, really.

Looks so friggin cool

Then after which, I wanted to try this turkey leg that the whole of Singapore raved about, and apparently you can only get it in USS. The thing is, even if I didn't get to try, I'd be fine with it. But I've sincerely never had turkey in my entire life so I thought I'd just give it a shot (at $12 per leg)

It was HUGE. But it tasted like ham on a drumstick.

Final photo of Betty Boop before we left.

Overall it was really fun, and this is something that my family rarely do together. Usually it'd be dinner, and movies... things like that. But this is a first for a theme park in Singapore!

Till next time~

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