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Saturday, 4 April 2015

I was able to attend the wedding of a dear friend of mine. Actually 2 dear friends of mine that I was able to serve with in usher ministry in church a long time ago.. And can you imagine how fast time flies and they're getting married. I still remember the time when I was on the phone with one of them, telling them whether I'd be serving that week... and bam now people are all getting on with their lives.

Anyhow, it coincided with my stay in Singapore and I was able to attend the wedding, on a great day as well (Valentine's Day) so it was doubly sweet. I wasn't able to make it for the matrimony because I wasn't feeling too well. But headed down for the dinner in the evening. It was pretty great to be able to see so many old faces and to catch up with my friends. The food served was also amazing :D



The menu

All of the ushers

With the bride

With the bride

Narcissism :D

Congratulations guys! Hope you had a great wedding, an amazing honeymoon and a wonderful life ahead!

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