CNY at Soph's

Thursday, 16 April 2015

So in my post regarding the 3 weeks back in Singapore, you probably read about my Chinese New Year celebrations.. Well, I didn't bring my camera along to take photos of the rest of the celebrations at my grandma's place nor aunty's. But I'll do so next year, because as each year goes pass I forget that I'm not the only one getting older. Anyway here was the celebration held at Sophia's place when she graciously opened her house to us, and for the 4 of us IDA members to get together again (once a year)

It's mostly about Jaden since he's the one that's the most busy with his school work, MMA and XMM. Hahaha, anyway, arrived on time and sat there watching them play miniature mahjong while we waited for the rest of the crowd. It wasn't really a big dinner so it was a nice and cozy affair.

Ordered yusheng from Good Food Heals (

Instead of the normal ingredients that are usually used, Valerie (the owner of GFH) created a new blend of ingredients for a healthier version. It included a lot of cultured food that she lives by that keeps her in great condition. 

It tasted really healthy.. And being mostly carnivore, I love my share of meat.  However one of the things I really LOVED were the cherry tomatoes. I have no idea what it was, but it tasted like mini watermelons! They were so juicy, had the texture of cherry tomatoes and were sweet! Loved those! Like little drops of heaven D:

After which, we sat down to watch tv and eat Ben & Jerry's ^.^

Michelle was kind enough to give me a ride home (after pestering her for a while) and which she did, we got to catch a glimpse of Jaden on his bike! Like finally. It was a nice time of dinner and gathering to finally be able to meet each other again after a year (yea you Jaden) and till next year~

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