The final week in Korea

Monday, 2 March 2015

Rather than finishing the semester and thereafter leaving, I had to leave the country earlier to head back to my country for some matters. Thus, my classmates threw a little surprise farewell party during my final week left in Korea. It was pretty meaningful, and I was really touched that they would go to such lengths to celebrate me. As much as I didn't really like the 1 year here, I would have to admit that the people here made it all worthwhile. 
We were not all in the same class all the way, but we were all mixed up and put into different classes, lasting at most 4 months through a semester in the same class, but mostly switched around due to different circumstances (TOPIK class, different books, semester change etc) however, after all the time that passed, everyone sort of got to know everyone else so even if you never knew them, you would probably know their names and which country they were from.

Little pizza party!

The drawing they drew

Class 16!

As it was the last week, I had to finish up all my packing that were to be sent to the new campus in Incheon, so I managed to use up all the boxes that I have had saved from all the E-mart shopping throughout the year. Got the address sheets from the dormitory office and then had them pasted on and ready to be sent! However, if you can see in the photo, the sizes of the boxes I used as compared to the ones sold were so different.

The good thing about this delivery thing in Korea is that all students use it, and it costs 5,000W per box, around $6.50, no matter the size!! They will be delivered within a day or two to the place that you require, and you need to pay the moment you collect it at the new location. Talk about efficiency!

Managed to go back to this restaurant for their delicious Thai food that the gf has been craving for for so long. Got 2 of the same dishes and 1 different one just to try. Though the place doesn't have many people, the food is surprisingly good.. I wonder why nobody else goes in. It's a relatively new place located near the Cheonan-Asan Station, in The Galleria on the 8th floor with all the restaurants. This one's called Asia something.. has a really pretty interior and an extremely friendly boss.

Foggy morning

Tried Ya Kun in Korea, doesn't beat Singapore

Honestly speaking, not my kind of thing because I like salty stuff.. and I guess Koreans like sweet stuff. But for me, potato and sweetness don't really mix haha, I prefer the old salted chips.

And of course, CHICKEN!!

Also went to Incheon dormitory to have a look and to receive my packages.. The interior really looks like a hotel. Makes me so excited to live here. Cannot wait till I get to move in and settle down! Though, living in the dormitory, and now with 2 other people really makes it a little.... meh, but I guess we all have to learn this... even if I'm now 24.

Big bowl of pork kimchi soup (돼지김치찌개)

Also took a trip down to Seoul to have this Indian buffet that was advertised on Facebook. Apparently it's this page where people posted really good food and their locations, but apparently from the looks of this place, the person himself posted his own place (shamelessly) because when we arrived, apart from their relatives eating, nobody else was in the place. We paid a ridiculously high price for the buffet, hoping that it will be different from how it looked, but sadly... we were disappointed. SO. BADLY. The food had taste, but they were lukewarm and some that were meant to be crispy wasn't remotely near that texture.

Headed for Thai food at night which made it better. The last time we went there, we ordered the papaya salad (which came with this deep fried pork skin) So what happened this time, was that we asked for the pork skin to come separately, and then we were able to order another 2 dishes together.

Before the week ended, there was a final farewell party for us, held by the language institute, and we all gathered for the very last time, likened to when we all first arrived in Korea. It was a time of great fun, and we all got to share our last few sentiments about this year that just passed, appreciating each and everyone that has placed footsteps into our lives. Well from here on, I'll let the photos paint you the picture.

During our first few months, celebrating Mr Jun's Birthday.

Another one of those birthday celebrations
Guy's pizza night

And with that, the following week I moved into the Yonsei Dormitory. To be honest, it's much smaller than the one in Sunmoon, has smaller cabinet space... BUT it had a cleaner and nicer smell, looked better and of course, separated toilets. In the previous dormitory, when one person is in the toilet, it meant that you'd have to wait till they're done before you can use, however this time, even if someone is taking a shower, you could be taking a shit, or peeing, or brushing your teeth and it wouldn't matter because they're separate!

Looks like a hotel doesn't it D: Can't wait to start living there. Anyway the gf came over to Incheon for one final night before I flew off. Tried some chicken nearby my school and it wasn't very impressed by it even though there was a famous person representing the chicken. Can't believe I miss the chicken place near my language school (마스렌) that even gave coupons that gives you a free set everytime you ordered 10.

Finally, it was time to board the plane and go back to Singapore. Checked in my luggage, walked around with my bags till I realized it's so boring outside and decided to go in, get checked and wait inside where there were cafes and such. I got a drink and some bites at Paris Baguette while waiting, used my phone and just waited. Before I knew it, I was on my plane, watching movies, having dinner and relaxing, awaiting till I touchdown on homeground. 

And as of now, in a blink of an eye... I am back in Korea.

Life indeed passes by really quickly. I cannot believe I will be missing my parents again for yet another year. But I guess nothing new will come in if nothing old goes out. I will miss my family, relatives and friends, but at least I gain new experiences to tell the people who aren't able to leave. 

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