Homebound for 3 weeks!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

So I went back to my country for a short visit and for Lunar New Year celebrations with my family. Beware, this post in it's entirety is mostly photos of FOOD eaten in Singapore. The other events that happened will be talked about in another post :D

Anyway, took an evening flight back towards Singapore where my parents picked me up from the airport, then took a cab back and rested for the night. I can't believe that 3 weeks actually passed so fast and I'm currently in my 3rd week of classes. Time really flies without you even knowing.

First day home, and the next morning I went with my parents to get something to eat near our place, and it was one of the Singapore favourites:


 Aston's Chicken Double Up: Fried & Char Grilled 

Met up with Vincent the next day and we went to grab something to eat after he picked up his passport. Visited the old army market hawker center and after lunch we went to get this amazing little package of fattening goodness. you will not ever guess that it would taste that nice given how it looks. It's really crisp bread that literally oozes out "lava" depending on your flavor. I bought the cookies and cream flavor and it's simply so amazing that I wanted one more but didn't due to the fact that I was getting fat.

Look at that amazing goodness D:
Went for some coffee at Chye Seng Huat

 Thereafter went to meet Mel for a short while

 Dum dum dummmm!

Met my parents after that for dinner at Mad for Garlic in Suntec City. Can't really remember what we ordered but I can tell you that it was delicious :D And really garlic-y.. Hence the name.


 Next day, the mum had to work so I went for a nice breakfast with the dad.

Look at that oozing goodness of curry. D:

That evening, I asked for a round of simple fare, cooked by my dad. He fried some luncheon meat, like how we used to eat when I was young just because I asked :D Porridge, egg, luncheon meat, sardines, tofu and peanuts.

Went to eat our favorites, Mee Goreng (Fried noodles) and Indian Rojak (a mixture of  potatoes, flour, meat rolls, etc with an Indian spicy sauce)

And of course, had a gathering together with my grandparents, and other relatives for a huge meal, we call it "tze char" which means "stir fry" but used to signify dishes with rice.

Also got to eat my favorite CARL'S JUNIOR! Seriously missed it after all this time:
The SuperStar (No tomatoes, extra onions)

There were many meals along the way so I'm just gonna make it easy and name them and describe them without saying too much about the details of each day.

Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs with Rice and a Fried Egg

Spring Onions and Ginger Beef with Rice

Indian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng)

Hap Cheong Kai Burger (Prawn Paste Chicken Burger)

Satay Pork Burger

Fish Head Steamboat with Prawn Rolls

The famous Pork Floss Bun from Breadtalk

So, there's this tradition in Singapore where, during the Lunar New Year, people who gather for a meal will have this thing called a "Lo Hei". Have absolutely no idea what it stands for, but it's an activity that signifies wishing each other good luck and prosperity for the year to come.

So like, in the dish (which is made of vegetables), people add in other ingredients and speak Chinese idioms of luck and fortune into each other's lives before adding them to the dish.

After everything is added, people gather around it and, using chopsticks, start mixing the entire dish by picking up a chunk, bringing it up and then letting it drop, all whilst screaming lucky chants. It'll be a huge mess after that, but that's the fun of it. After that, everyone takes a chunk of the "good luck food" and eats it.

The entire meal

This is called Bubut Hitam, a traditional black bean dessert with coconut milk

Also went to a nice secluded cafe to celebrate some friends' birthdays and had a pretty nice meal here.

Truffle fries were amazing

Fruit pancakes

Eggs benedict with spinach

Eggs benedict with ham

  Ice cream waffles

Also went for a round of one of my favorite burger joints: FatBoys!

Peanut butter, banana pork burger


And of course, how could I ever forget: CAFE IGUANA!

My favorite medium-rare steak mix with portobello mushrooms fajitas

  Prawn chimichangas! Just thinking about it makes me drool... 

Black carrot cake

So for us in Singapore, usually before the beginning of the Lunar New Year we have this dinner on the eve called the Reunion Dinner. So it's actually significant because in the past when families used to be huge, every single member would ALWAYS be present no matter where they lived or worked, even if they were overseas. Being away for my first year, I decided to be home to eat with my parents. I requested for home cooked food and roasted duck! And got it :D

Amazing spread by my dad

Prawns with mushrooms

His famous cabbage D:

Roast pork and roast duck

Fried fish with ginger and garlic

Went over to my grandma's place on the first day for visitation.

Then to my dad's brother's place on the 2nd day.

It's usually food and gambling, and this year was a good year because I won around $200 playing blackjack!

Had some Penang delicacies when my parents' old friends all met up together for a short gathering

Nasi Lemak

Prawn Noodles

Dad cooked fried rice and fried some luncheon meat ^.^

Beef and bacon burger

Also had the chance to dry by Bedok 85 for some delicious Singaporean (oily) food D:

White carrot cake

Minced meat noodles, BBQ stingray and carrot cake

Also had the chance to visit Ryan's new stall that opened around half a year ago. Tried 2 of his best sellers and I must say, it's amazing.

Roast Pork Burger (the crispy skin is just amazing...)

Beef Burger (hand made patties)

Also had a little gathering of steamboat and barbecue with my friends. It was a really fun time, with lots of food, games and relaxing. I will miss you guys when I'm back in Korea!

On the very night that I flew back to Korea, we went to Fosters restaurant for some steak!

Me and the mumsie

My filet mignon

Dad's seafood combo

Finally dessert

If you've made it this far reading and looking through all the photos, I hereby salute you. You are either a very close friend of mine, my mother, or just someone who's interested in the food in Singapore. Or just someone really bored. But thank you anyway, for reading through my 3 weeks in Singapore.

It's been a great and fun time with my parents, friends and of course loved ones. If I could, I would ship all of you here with me to Korea. However, time only allows us to meet once a year, and I greatly appreciate all the time spent together. I can say, apart from my parents, the person who I met the most would have to be Vincent, who's currently in SOT now.

Anyhow, I had the most fun coming back and seeing all these faces, and of course quality time.

I cannot wait till we all meet again.