Trip to Incheon! (Day 3-4) [Sorae Fishing Port, Bupyeong Shopping]

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The next day we headed to Sorae Fishing Port to have a look at one of the most famous fishing ports in all of Korea, that even people from Seoul take a trip down sometimes to buy fresh seafood. Took a train from Bupyeong all the way down to Woninjae, changing to the Suin line to Soraepogu.

It was pretty difficult navigating to the fishing port but I managed to get there, so if you want to go you can follow my directions. (I hope I say it clear enough for you to understand ^.^)

Once you're out of the station, get out at Exit 2 (right side) and then take another right. Follow the entire path of road all the way. If you're there you'd probably see a lot of people taking the exact same road, be it in the same way as you, or in the opposite direction. If you carry on walking and see many people, you're probably still in the right direction.

After around 5 minutes of walking, you should see this (picture below) on your left. If you can see it, you're in the right direction, so carry on walking.

You'll see this museum after that, carry on walking!

Once you reach the end of the road, take  left and cross the road via the traffic light, and when you see this, you're really really close!

Continue heading straight down and you'll see this train (from the first picture of this post).. Okay I'm not too sure whether the train is a seasonal thing that they might remove, so don't count on it if you don't see it again. Carry on walking and you'll see many shops like the ones below selling fresh seafood.

And before you know it.... TADAH! You'll see this thing (below) that signifies that you have arrived at the fish port! It's really smelly so prepare yourself. Your clothes are going to reek of seafood, fishy smells and cigarette. I only went there with the intention of taking photos, not for buying anything actually. Since I don't really want to cook, neither do I need any seafood fixes.

Glorious fresh seafood 

The entire place was packed, people walking around, bargaining and also motorbikes bringing deliveries to different shops. You have to be careful when going because these motorcyclists just go really fast, and pressing their horn like there's no tomorrow. You need to move out of the way or else you might get hit. On top of that they're all pretty tired from the day's work so they can get pretty rude. Saw a few people argue and fight because they almost collided.

The smell of grilled fish....

The place is pretty amazing, with its array of seafood from octopus, fish, crab, lobster, shellfish and more. Everyone was clobbering around looking for the freshest and cheapest grabs of the day and it was a hustling and bustling time that made me think back on how Singapore was before it got all commercialized and developed.

There's actually nothing much to say so I'll let the photos do the talking from here onwards. Enjoy!

After that, when we finishing walking the entire area, we decided to try out some seafood, together with pancakes that smelled so good... but turned out otherwise. Bought their prawns, octopus tentacles and also shishamo! On top of that, the pancake that was really dry, tough and a tad too starchy.

The shishamo tasted really fishy and that killed my apetite

After that, we headed towards the train station to go back to Bupyeong where we would go to the underground shopping mall to look for her jacket, and where I would have bought a nice bart (from the simpsons) sweater. ^.^

Arrived at Bupyeong, saw this signboard and excitedly headed into the underground mall. The place is simply humongous, with over 9 different routes to go. We decided to go into a star formation where we would outline the entire place, thus walking through the entire mall in a single motion without ever having to turn back or get lost.

Guys, beware though... it's mostly female clothing. (As per any part of shopping in Korea, right?)

The next day, we headed to a nice looking restaurant cum cafe that we saw on the first day while having chicken. We decided to go there again, this time ordering the food as well as the drinks. The food was pretty so-so and wasn't that surprising. However, at that time where almost no food was available, this was the best choice possible. 

Garlic Fried Rice


On the bright side, there was free ice-cream and cake too.. Okay we came in just because it said free ice-cream and cake whenever we ordered food and drinks respectively. >.<

Headed back to the bus terminal where we got tickets back to Cheonan, and that concludes our holiday trip to Incheon City. All in all, it's a really nice place and since I'm going to be here for the next 4 years, it's good to have been able to acquaint myself with the location and surroundings and also check out my school before I actually move in.

Till next time!

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