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So... I got the chance to go snowboarding! Hahaha, I really wanted to try one of these winter sports before I grew too hateful of the cold harsh weather, and an opportunity arrived all too timely. Eugenia wanted to snowboard, however Gin had to work. So initially it was me and her, and hopefully the gf too. BUT she didn't want it to be awkward or be a lightbulb so it was supposed to be the two of us.

Fortunately! Her senior was intending to snowboard so decided to go together, which was good, because he was able to get us discounts which amounted to a whopping 50%! So in total, instead of blowing like a 100 bucks on everything we spent around 50~60 bucks? Which is an amazing deal considering it's snowboarding, entry and rental of gears and everything.
Mark is a Korean, a really nice one at that. He's very caring and always looked out for us :D It was really a pleasure to meet him indeed. Anyway, before I start on that, I'll go from the part where I met Eugenia one day before. (We had to meet the night before, so I could stay over at Gin's because we had to catch an early bus around 5:40am so that we would be able to spend as much time as possible snowboarding). Caught a bus and went to Seoul, met her and insisted on having long awaited Intestines!! (곱창) for dinner, and they brought me back to where I first found these harmful, delicious and evil little pieces of fat.

The rice (주먹밥) that they sell here is a little bit different because it comes pre-made, and with a pair of plastic gloves. It's really cute. It has rice, spring onions, seaweed and shrimp roe. You wear the glove, and then mix it up yourself, thereafter taking little bits and rolling them into balls for consumption and sharing.

Heloooo rice

Dum dum DUMMMM

The finished product


(Funniest thing ever: I finished the first rice, yes even the mixing and rolling, so fast that I forgot to take photos. Hence resulting in me ordering another one lol)

The steam egg is also delicious

I usually get it in fried and teriyaki

It's really enjoyable to be able to meet you two again!

And as if the dinner was not fattening enough, Gnia suggested we continue adding on to our weight by having these disgustingly-sweet amazing bread. Okay, since long ago they had always had a debate over which was the more delicious flavor: Honey or Chocolate. Then they brought people along to eat with them and made them decide.

So... as you know, we ordered 2, with both flavors. Since Gin wasn't eating that much our 2nd one was half honey and chocolate. Needless to say, we couldn't finish everything because we were so fricking full from our dinner D:

Deng deng~

The chocolate advocate & the honey bee

We rested early for the night thereafter, because of the need to wake up early the next day. Got up at an ungodly 4:45am, snoozed for another 15 minutes and then got ready and dressed. Took a cab to the location and then KO'ed on the 2 hour 30 minute ride shuttle bus towards Vivaldi Ski Resort. We arrived, and had a little trouble finding Mark because the place was huge and new to us.

After we met, it was a pretty smooth process because Mark has been here before, so he brought us to all the stations: clothes rental, board rental, shoes rental, changing rooms, lockers etc so easily that we never even needed to stop once to find out where to go. Indirectly increasing the time we had on the slopes :D

Entry Tickets! (Key cards, actually)

All geared up and ready to go!

Gnia and Mark

The beginner slope

The noob slope

Can you imagine, the moment I saw the beginner slope I was like WHUT SO STEEP? and I didn't even dare to try it. We all went to the noob slope to try it a few rounds before we got our confidence to try the higher slopes. 

On the ski lift (hahaha gnia that hat)

Steep right...?

Tadahhh got it on

Here's gnia showing off

After 2-3 rounds of trying it out, and them teaching me how to brake and slowdown whilst going fast too, I finally got the hang of it without falling too many times. And... BAM we're here on the beginner slope. Friggin slope looked so steep to me because you can even see the resort, which means we were higher than it D:

Love this photo!

According to gnia, the place was much better than the one she went to, and the snow was softer. (That means less pain on the buttocks!) On top of that, the place was beautiful, there were more than 1 ski lifts per slope which meant shorter waiting times to get back up.

It hit lunch time and we were all getting pretty hungry so we went up to the cafeteria for some food. There were a few choices but I was too hungry to even take a photo of the menu. We got what would provide the easiest form of carbohydrate to satiate our inner beast: Bulgogi Rice (불고기덮밥) The food was delicious! The meat was soft, tasty and the gravy had a really nice sweet tone to it, on top of that we had a soup, fish cake, kimchi (of course) and a salad.

After lunch, we got back up on them slopes... This time they wanted to go try out the intermediate. However I was still a little timid because it looked hilariously steep that I couldn't even fathom how to get down and if I did fall, how painful it would be. Still went up to intermediate anyway...

On the way up...


Here's gnia on the slope of death

And Mark too

Just a disclaimer, Mark is really good so he goes really fast, even without falling.

After the first round of going down, what seemed unbeatable was finally conquered. It was so fun that I went a few more rounds before realizing that I was frickin tired and my legs hurt so badly from all the braking (I don't go too fast for fear of falling because it hurts). Anyhow, one of the special points about this place is that they have mini "concerts". People singing, or dancing or performing in between the more crowded slopes (intermediate and advanced) to keep the people waiting for the ski lifts entertained.

There was this girl group that went up to perform dance covers to various popular K-pop songs and they were so successful in entertaining that there were so many people watching (males...) and some even stopped moving or queuing just to finish watching the dances. Hahaha it was pretty hilarious. Gnia even said that she called me a few times but I was so engrossed that I didn't hear.

After that, we cleaned up, changed and took the bus all the way back to Seoul. Upon arrival, we took a cab to Gin's workplace where we met him and waited for him to knock off (from baking bread). Went to one of the shabu shabu places that they recommended. The shabu came with a few dishes, and you're meant to eat it in order: Soup -> Noodles -> Meat -> Rice. Gnia was like swearing non stop that the rice was so delicious, and that it was the best in the world. I actually brought my camera but ended up using my phone instead because it was really bulky and troublesome to bring around and the phone is so easy to bring, so I ended up using my phone all the way. Note 4 camera is good anyway :D





First off, the soup is revealed

Then you take a photo of the people that brought you there

Just kidding, you mix it up and then scoop the soup into your own personal bowl, thereafter you can start eating the meat and adding in the noodles.

Bammm, udon noodles

Take the meat

Dip it in (it's beef so you don't need it totally cooked)

Because it's thinly sliced beef, you just need a rough 20 seconds in the soup to have it fully cooked, but we just dipped it in and ate it (medium rare ~ medium, sort of)

Then you dip it in their sauce

And eat :D

Next up, remember the rice? It came with spring onions, garlic, egg and sesame oil.

Once you're done with the soup, noodles and meat, you can call the aunty over and she will take the bowl, using 1 ladel-full of soup and discarding the rest, she mixes that together with the rice mixture, cooking it over fire (so I guess, frying)

And the end result is this:

Doesn't look very appetizing or magnificent right?

You'll be surprised

One bite of this was enough to turn me. So gnia was right, for once.

So if you're ever in Seoul you may want to look out for this place, it's called 통촌샤브칼국수 (tong chon shabu kal kuk su). It's apparently a chain restaurant so it can be found in many places, I guess the more popular spots, so if you're free and you want to eat this best rice ever, be sure to check it out.

After dinner, we stopped by homeplus where they bought some groceries and wine before heading back to Gin's place. Watched some tv, had some wine, chatted some more and went to bed. There was this gravitational pull thing from how pluto was aligned to some planet, resulting in that and I converted the time to 1:49am but we all never woke up to jump because we were so beat. Anyhow, it was an amazingly interesting and fun weekend and I was glad to have been able to experience it and be part of it.

Toodles :D

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