Winter Photoshoot!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Did a winter photoshoot with my class after the 1st day of Winter. The ground was white, the trees were white, the surroundings was white. It was simply beautiful and magnificent. The only problem: the cold. My hands were freezing and it was literally shivering whilst holding on to the camera. But it was an amazing opportunity to have photos with a beautiful white cloudy background. Told my class that I wanted to take photos together the next day and they were all up for it, so I'll let the photos do the talking.

Finished class, then we all went out together to take a class photo together before moving on to other locations for more photos ^_^

My form teacher

Class 23!

The class president

The snow is so beautiful D:

Playing with the snow

The thorn among the roses

After that, went back to the dorm to look for Kiyo and Pimon for lunch, then after that to walk around to take more photos to really make use of the chance of the white blanket of snow before it melts. The funny thing about snow, is that as a Singaporean, I thought that it snows everyday when it's winter... But it doesn't. It only snows on certain days, but it's winter because it's just so friggin' cold everyday.

After lunch, went over to the performance arena to take photos with the naked forest as background. Played with snow to try and make the falling snow effect while taking photos too ^_^ Enjoyed taking photos with them as they're really fun to be with and really make taking photos easy (photogenic? hahaha) Anyway, I'll let the rest of the photos tell you more because I think my mindless droning will make you less interested :P



Tryin' out the kawaii pose

Till next time~

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