Trip to Incheon! (Day 1) [Yonsei University, Songdo Campus]

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Took the time during the short break between Autumn Semester and Winter Semester to head over to Incheon City, one of the most developed cities in Korea, along with the fact that cities are usually progressively built through time, but Incheon City was built as a city itself. On top of that, next year I'll be coming to this city to attend Yonsei University at the Songdo International Campus for my freshman year... thus came to check the school out, take some time off from Cheonan, and celebrate Christmas in another city!

And so... we took a bus from Cheonan, all the way to Incheon, around 2 hours or so. It's simple enough, actually, since in Incheon they have the subway that links all the way to Seoul, and also Incheon's own subway. Once we got off the bus, we entered the bus terminal and went toward the subway, looking to find our way to Songdo International Campus, which is at Campus Town Station.

Took roughly around 30 minutes or so to arrive, and then finally around 10-15 minutes of walking before we arrived at the school. The area around Campus Town Station was really quiet, and empty. Many buildings were in the midst of being built and it looked almost like the school in Cheonan. However, the one big difference is that it looked really pretty, and modern. There were lesser trees, mountains and a lot more technology-esque buildings around. On top of that, it was winter, so I guess all the students went back to their towns or countries.

Anyhow, I'll let the photos do the talking... ^_^

Walkway toward the school

Tadahhhh, Yonsei University!

Information about the campus

As you can see in the photo, the right side is greyed out because construction and development is not yet complete, whereas the more colorful part on the left shows the different parts of the school, that are already completed. Eg. Dormitory, Faculty Buildings, Lecture Halls etc.  

And of course, first things first.. Headed toward the dormitory to have a look at the building. Songdo Campus is relatively new, thus everything I saw really made me joyful in my heart because it's nice to be able to experience and enjoy newly constructed buildings... especially if you're going to be calling it home for the coming year. The colors were contrasting and beautiful, white for the different buildings and brick red for the dormitories.

The designs were also very futuristic and eloquent at the same time. They had a nice touch to it and also gave a feeling of a very sophisticated area. Was really happy about the dormitories. Especially since they looked really beautiful against the clear sky. There was little snow around the campus (I expected it to snow at the very least since I wanted to take photos)

Walked around the campus some more looking around at the different buildings and landmarks in the school. Came across the school emblem with some other information about its history. I wanted to take a photo of the emblem but realized it kept being blocked by the plants around it, then finally I found out that there was this little "observatory" specially made so that you can climb up and stand on it to take photos or at the very least enjoy it in its planned viewing.

Felt a little tired after that since we've been traveling from Cheonan all the way here, and on top of that, at least a few hours of walking and lugging around backpacks and a camera.

Found a nice spot with lots of white snow on the ground with a chair and the spectacular view of the school behind and took some photos. The school has a very simple design that makes it look sophisticated, and not very showy. I like that about the Songdo Campus. Can't believe I'm going to be here in less than 2 months. However the excitement, a tinge of nervousness always is present, too.

Finished off touring the entire school, decided to retire for the day, and went to Juan for dinner. We found this restaurant called 오븐에 빠진 닭 which literally translates to "The chicken that is drowning or submerged in the oven. However, we got really attracted to it by its signboard outside, showing their new menu: Garlic chicken. We are quite big fans of grilled or roasted garlic, where it's nice and crisp on the outside, soft, moist and melts in your mouth on the inside.

Even their menu is horribly cute with superhero-like intonations and comic-type descriptions

We asked for recommendations in the end because we couldn't decide what to get.. It's funny because they didn't recommend the one that we were attracted by in the first place. So we got the peanut sweet sauce one, and their regular baked-till-crispy chicken. It didn't look a lot when it first arrived, but believe me, we almost couldn't finish it.

We got 3 flavors of dip: onion, chili and sour cream (I think)

Called it a night after that, and prepared for the next 2 days where we'd be going to 4 different places:
Chinatown, Jayu Park, Sorae Fishing Port and Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall

Till the next post~

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