The first snow of Korea (1st December 2014)

Friday, 9 January 2015

So... when it started snowing the very first time here in Korea, I got so excited I couldn't concentrate in class. Well, not just me, another 2 other classmates who have never seen snow in their entire lives (since being in their own countries) as well. And the fact that this was true shocked the rest of our other classmates (80% Japanese) so thus the entire class being disrupted. Our teacher on the other hand, wasn't annoyed and kept laughing whenever we got so distracted by the falling snow that we could see so clearly through our window.

The moment the next break arrived, our teacher was like "Alright just go out already!" and the 3 of us ran out almost immediately with our phones in hand, ready to snap photos and feel the snow falling upon our faces. It was a pretty exciting moment and we were just too dumbfounded for words, just staring at the beauty that blanketed everything in front of us.

Don't get me wrong, I was able to see some snow, just a little bit, during my first arrival in Korea, when it was the end of winter, however it was so little it didn't really count. This one, was a huge change. When I was walking to class, it was still brown leaves, grey roads and pathways but the moment I went out it was just white, white and white together with heavy snowfall. It was amazing.


Once class ended, I couldn't wait to walk back out to take more photos and just be within the snow. It's funny, 23 years of not seeing snow and for the first time, I am able to touch it and it just doesn't seem so impossible anymore. It's a dream come true, really... coming to Korea.

Panorama shot at the area in front of the Main Building

With Hashi

Met Kiyo along the way, headed to Apple to eat with Pimon
Couldn't help taking more photos hahaha

Even the motorbikes and bicycles were not spared

After which... snowfights, snow angels and snowmen building commenced (thus, no photos)

Thai Snow Angel

Finished Product

It's really amazing, seeing snow for the first time. Though it wasn't the first for Kiyo, Keila and Pimon, it was for me, and every bit as spectacular as I imagined it to be in my head, be it from watching it in movies, dramas, series or even cartoons. The way the snowflakes looked so intricately designed, and how it just falls and stacks so perfectly, and how it crumbles in your hands... 

Glad to have been given this opportunity to be here.

..and of course, with winter comes hot food. SMORES!

Ending off with a panorama of my school's student centre. Toodles~

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