Fall Photowalk

Friday, 26 December 2014

So it's been really long since I have had this post but haven't been getting around to finishing it up and posting it because I've been really lazy :D But anyway, Kiyo and I decided to go around the school for a little Fall shooting because the leaves were in its prime and the colors were just amazing. Talk about red leaves, cool breeze and well-dressed people.

Started by walking from the main entrance of the school toward the dormitory because I was waiting for Kiyo, ended up reaching back to the dorm because he took too long to get out of his room :P Met a few friends along the way and took their shots. Oh yes, and this was the week right after I got my new lens; Sigma 35mm 1.4F, and wanted to take this baby out to try :D

Continued walking through the school toward the area in front of the Main Building, where the trees had the most beautiful leaves. Met more friends along the way, and of course took their photos.

Shot by Kiyo

Shot by Kiyo

Shot by Kiyo

Kiyo took my camera to play with while I was talking to a friend because he wanted to try out my new lens and I didn't wanna remove the lens to put on his body (albeit his body being better than mine) hahaha.

And here, the mother of all photogenic locations: "The big area in front of the Main Building"

Look at all them beautiful leaves

Shot by Kiyo
(obviously it can't be me, taking me right? haha)

After which, Frame and Pimon left to meet another friend at Cheonan Terminal so Kiyo and I continued taking photos in the beautiful, breezy and wonderful weather. Seriously the best season ever would be Autumn (for me, at least). It used to be Winter but since now I've lost the feeling of novelty and am now suffering in the cold, I have since changed my preference.

"Photographer photo"

After that, we saw some photogenic people sitting around just doing nothing, using their phones and such so we decided to approach them to ask if we can take their photos. Well for them it's just sitting down so I guess they wouldn't say no, right?

After that, we wanted to leave but this guy with the guitar just popped up out of nowhere, seriously talk about having models when you need them. So I asked if I could and so I did.

Continued toward the back of the soccer field where there was a nice batch of crunchy leaves waiting to be stepped on. Took our positions, sat down and took photos ^_^

Shot by Kiyo

(I think my shot is nicer :P)

Autumn leaves~

It was getting dark so we decided to head back. Took a few more shots whilst walking back because the sunset was just begging for its photos to be taken.

Below are the shots by Kiyo that he sent to me. Just wanna highlight his work too because one of the reasons why I sincerely considered investing and switching to a digital single lens reflex camera from film single reflex cameras was because I wanted to produce work that was, at least, close to his. ^_^ Enjoy!

Apart from nice photo, I'd like to think nice model too #shameless

Till next year, Autumn!

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